Tuesday, May 3, 2016

April goals recap - how did I do?

Here are the goals for April, and how I did against each one.


  • Stick to our budget - I was close. We came within $350. Given the size of our budget, that's not a crazy margin. I'll do a more detailed post shortly. 
  • Save $1,500 - Yes, although we also paid our taxes. But, I saved my stock award (~$6,500), so that was a big win. We are saving this for an eventual house purchase. 
  • Meet with another local realtor. - Yes, and we actually found some potential options that we like. We are considering buying a house in about a year. 

  • Have a date night with M - Yes! Although, Nick got a migraine & we had to leave a bit early. We have another scheduled for this weekend. :-) 
  • Decide if M & I are going on a mini vacation. If so, book. - We are still discussing this. 

  • Lose 4 pounds (trying to be realistic, as I'll be on vacation for a few days) - Nope. I lost .5 a pound. I'm happy that I made progress, but need to not let work trips derail me! I was down 3 pounds before my trip. 
  • Eat 5 servings of fruits & vegetables - I finished off the month with 3.36 average/day. I'd like to get this higher in May. 
  • Complete 7 stretching workouts (yoga or pilates) - nope. Sadly, I had zero & I can definitely tell! I've already gotten one stretching workout in this month. 
  • Complete 6 strength workouts - I had 4 strength workouts. 
  • Complete 800 minutes of cardio - Woohoo! 820 minutes of cardio!!!! 
  • Average 1450 calories/day - Pretty close - I ended with 1473. To be realistic, I think I'm going to need to drop this to 1350 to make any significant progress. 
  • Run 7 times. - I ran 4 times. 

  • Maximum of one late night/week - Yes, except for my trips. 
  • Work from home at least three Fridays this month - zero times 
  • Have work conversation on what it will take for me to potentially stay. (Need to clear this up in my own mind first). - I had an initial conversation that revolved around: working from home on Fridays more consistently, and taking personal time off as needed. More thinking to do here. 

  • Read four books - Yes, I probably read 10. Traveling helps. ;-) 
  • Color in my adult coloring book - Nope. 
  • Get together with a friend - Yes, I had a fabulous long weekend with my sister & BFF. It was amazing!

All told, I'm pretty pleased with the month. I definitely have more work to do (particularly on balance & fitness), but I'm feeling good about wrapping up April. What about you? How did you with your April goals? 


  1. I see very little red, and lots of green! Looks like overall you had a very good month!

    1. Thanks - a few big areas for improvement, but not bad!

  2. Wow, you did great! I especially like the 3.36 vpd - vegetables and fruit per day :) Your calorie allotment seems really low! I couldn't survive on it. Your exercise regime looks like: 25-30 minutes of cardio a day, plus a strength session and a run once a week each. Are you the type who would prefer to eat less or exercise more, or stay with the status quo?

    1. I'm trying with the VPD. ;-) My exercise regime is problematic in that it's irregular. Work & travel is both super unpredictable, and jet lag makes a routine tricky when I'm back. So, I push hard when my schedule is regular & then go from there. I'd ideally like 2 yoga sessions & 2 strength sessions a week, combined with daily cardio, about half of which would be running.

      I suspect that I don't accurately track my calories, so if you are more accurate than I am, that would be a big reason. I lose consistently when my "tracked calories" are around 1350, but I suspect higher. I prefer to exercise more & keep my eating, but ability to increase my workouts is super limited. So, I resort to the calorie modifications to make it happen.

      Also, I find that as I age (sob), the more I need to drive down the calories simultaneously