Wednesday, July 6, 2016

June Goal Recap

It was a pretty good month for getting things done. Let's check it out.


  • Stick to our budget - Yes! We were under by $715. I'll do a more detailed financial update soon. 
  • Finish refinancing our vacation house, moving to a 30 year loan to free up more cash flow for a California house - yes!
  • Save $2,000, in addition to our stock vests - yes, we've saved $3500
  • Put $50/each in the boys college funds - Done!

  • Have two date nights with M - yes! Helped greatly by my parents having the boys for 5 nights. 
  • Plan something special for Father's Day - Yes! We went to Monterey for a night & stayed on the beach. It was fabulous.
  • Make multiple trips to donate items  - Yes, all done with that batch.
  • Clean the garage! - Well, some progress was made. ;-) 

  • Lose 2 pounds - oh my. No. Vacation at the end of the month undid any & all progress earlier in the month. 
  • Eat 5 servings of fruits & vegetables - I'm hanging at 3.5 & need to figure out how to raise this to at least 4 in July.
  • Complete 5 stretching workouts (yoga or pilates) - close. Four stretching workouts. 
  • Complete 7 strength workouts - I did four strength workouts. 
  • Complete 800 minutes of cardio - Oh yes! I did 990 minutes of cardio. 
  • Average 1350 calories/day - 1577/day, with the majority of the overage happening on my vacation. 
  • Start training for my adventure relay, with 12 pace walks - yes! 

  • Maximum of one late night/week - yes! 
  • Work from home at least three Fridays this month - I didn't manage it at all in June, but was out for a few days here & there on vacations, which makes this harder. 
  • Explore other work options at my existing company - I've checked around, but so far haven't seen anything that's a fit. 

  • Read four books - Yes
  • Get together with a friend - Yes, saw my BFF & sister/BFF last weekend & have a family vacation planned as well
A few outliers, as always, but a very, very good month. My vacation was fantastic - so enjoyed the time off & time with the family. Now it's back to reality. :-) How did you do with your June goals? What do you have in mind for July? 


  1. Looks like you had a great month!
    I was having trouble getting in 4 servings of veggies a day when a friend suggested I just eat double the amount of my veggies with dinner. Brilliant idea at least for me. Now I eat 2 servings of whatever green veggie we have with dinner along with salad and I only have to eat one veggie at lunch. I am constantly amazed at how long it takes me to learn the simple solutions to life.

    1. Love that! I will have to try it. I go through all of the effort of making a giant salad at dinner every night (for the kids & mostly M), but I don't like it. It's dressed with lemon juice & olive oil, which isn't to my taste. I should probably just embrace it, which would solve all of my veggie issues. :-)

  2. You owned June. I'm particularly impressed with packing your produce.

    1. My sister always laughs when I got off a plane with a random assortment of things. I usually bring lemons (not for frugality, but just to assure that I spread the wealth & can get rid of some of them!). We're heading to Napa for the weekend, and I plan to make hummus & bring some other easy snacks to cut down on cost & also it's a bit healthier than eating out constantly.

  3. What about fruit smoothies (even just frozen-fruit + H2O), veggie juices or green monsters? Easy way to get a couple of servings in at once and perfect for when you are busy or post-workout. Not to mention very refreshing in the summer heat.
    ~ Pru

    1. Love it! I've done a lot of fruit smoothies in the past, but just kind of gotten out of the habit. Need to re-introduce it into the schedule.

  4. Would you mind sharing what books you read? I'm almost done with Gretchen Rubin's "Better Than Before" myself and I LOVE it.

    1. Absolutely. I'm not exactly a fine lit afficionado. My dad was a literature teacher, so I was "encouraged" to read a lot of great lit growing up. Now, my plan is to walk into the library, find the first 10-15 books that catch my interest, and check out. I'm not very discerning, as the books are free. Here's what I have in my library bag this week:

      "A wedding in December". Very good & interesting, but a little dry.
      Not read:
      "Into the Blue"
      "The Girl Who Stopped Swimming"
      "Fast Track"
      "Immediate Family"
      "Wish Come True"
      "Domestic Affairs"
      "Slow Burn"
      "On the Island"
      "The Third Victim"
      "Girl Missing"

      I read a lot of mystery & romance books, sprinkled in with just about anything else. I'm a pretty eclectic reader, but don't enjoy sci-fi. That's really my only "no thanks" category. :-) Happy to post more about books, if of interest.

  5. Good month - Monterey! Excellent! I'm with Pieliekamais - curious about what you are reading!

    1. Love Monterey! It was so nice & relaxing to have an evening with M. Just posted above on the reading!