Monday, August 1, 2016

A few frugal things

This week went by in such a blur, I'm not sure I can remember all of the frugal things, but here we go! :-)

  1. My Sonicare toothbrush (the base, not the head) stopped working. It's about 10 years old, so I was prepared to buy a new one. M took the entire thing apart & somehow brought it back to life. He brought out tools I've never even seen before. ;-)
  2. I returned a gift I'd bought M that he didn't want, and a couple of dresses I'd ordered for my Napa trip.
  3. I've researched & planned inexpensive activities for my parents to do this week with the kids.
  4. I made all meals, with the exception of Friday. I got caught up in a review with our VP, and we went to Sweet Tomatoes for dinner. So, semi frugal fail.
  5. I used a $10 Amazon gift card for signing up for a free Audible trial to buy Sam a thermos for school. This will give us two, so both boys can bring hot lunches from home.
  6. I bought groceries & beer/wine for my parent's visit, so we can hopefully (mostly) stay home. M is gearing up to grill a bunch  of chicken tonight, with wine.
  7. Planning to take advantage of my flexible schedule this week (my parents!) & bike to & from work.
  8. I won an upgrade to Starwood Platinum through work. Will use for our Hawaii trip coming up.
  9. I took Uber to & from the (free) Adele concert. Not as frugal as driving, although I'd planned to have wine, so much safer. Also, avoided all of the headache of parking, closed streets, etc. Remembered I had an Uber code, and saved $20 between the trip to & from the arena. 
  10. I've been using our garden sweet yellow grape tomatoes in salads.
  11. Scored an excellent deal on Persian cucumber at the produce stand, and stocked up. They are the perfect size for pickling, so I may need to go back for more!

And, that's it. How about you? How is your week going? Hope everyone is kicking off a frugal August!


  1. I hope to be kicking off a frugal August, that's for sure. After a wonderful July I need some more frugal in my life.

    I hope you REALLY enjoying having your parents there and that the boys really enjoy it too. Grandparent time is the best. Great job with the planning; shopping for and making meals ahead of time. I look forward to hearing if you ended up biking to and from work. I think it's so great that you do that.

    Happy August!

    1. It's been fabulous so far to have my parents. Truly - so nice to have someone to share the parenting load with!