Monday, August 15, 2016

Weekly Budget Recap (8/8-8/14/16)

This was a pretty unusual week for us - we dropped the boys off at camp last Sunday & it was just the adults for the rest of the week. As a result, you'll see we skipped grocery shopping last weekend, & picked up our supplies on Thursday. And, also lots of meals out. :-)

  • Monday 
    • $124 - to the DMV for car tags
    • $2.43 to Costco, using a $15 off promo code for a giant pack of toilet paper. ;-)
  • Tuesday  
    • $37.52 - dinner at a Greek restaurant. We went with two appetizers & no drinks.
  • Wednesday 
    • $37.58 - happy hour at a Vietnamese restaurant, included a beer for M & a cocktail for me. 
  • Thursday 
    • $62.20 - dinner at one of our favorite places. This was without wine (we brought our own
    • $125.00 - stocking up on groceries at Costco
    • $35.67 - gas
  • Friday - 
    • $9.58 - forgot to bring water for the kids when I picked them up at camp. Nick gets migraines when he gets dehydrated. Stopped at a convenience store, & they had a $10 minimum for credit & debit cards. The lady let me by with $9.58. We were in the middle of the wilderness, so shopping for an alternative wasn't an option. This is what happens when you don't plan ahead! ;-)
  • Saturday - 
    • $91.45 - Ikea for a rug for Nick's room, plus 6 new placemats (our current mats are bamboo & are hard to clean). We opted instead for 2 easy wipe kind for kid meals, and 4 washable cloth ones for family meals. Plus, two soap dispensers, and the rug. 
  • Sunday - 
    • $12.60 to pay off a lunch card fine & put $10 on Sam's lunch card
    • $16.24 - groceries at Amazon Fresh (delivery service.) I had a $25 offer, and if you spent $40, delivery was free. So, this was as close as I could come. I got: nitrate free/uncured bacon, 2 bags of edamame, squeezable Greek yogurt for kids lunches, fresh fruit popsicles to celebrate the end of summer, english muffins, 3 avocados, 6 giant Roma tomatoes, and 8 bags of frozen fruit. All for $16. I'll take it! What a deal. 
Total spent = $554.27. What about you? How did your weekly spending go?


  1. I bet ya, not happily though. I had to drop DJ off at Ball State and he moved into his first apartment. Almost $1100 spent.
    It adds up quickly. But I bet next week you do much better.