Sunday, August 14, 2016

Planning for the week ahead

Sunday is my day to take stock, plan my work schedule (overlayed with the kids schedule), plan meals, & get as much done as possible before the craziness begins again. Next week will be an adjustment, as we are back to school, homework, a new nanny, and soccer practice 5x/week (boys practice on different days).

It helps me feel on top of it to create a menu plan for the week, so here's what I'm planning to make. As you can see, I'm a big believer in cook once, eat twice. :-) Not everyone in my family loves leftovers, but they'll get by. ;-)

Sunday - mahi mahi tacos (M, using the lonely mahi mahi that's been in the freezer awaiting a plan), and ground beef tacos for the rest of us. Also plan to make homemade chips using corn tortillas no one really liked, guacamole (using my cheap grocery delivery avocadoes & tomatoes I scored from Amazon yesterday)
Monday - leftover chicken risotto
Tuesday - Enchiladas (freezer) with leftover chips, guac & salsa
Wednesday - leftover chicken fried rice & edamame
Thursday - pasta with chicken & pesto
Friday - pizza & salad (pizza from the freezer)
Saturday - dinner at a friend's house. I'm planning on bringing a caprese salad & lemon bread
Sunday - Not sure, but M might grill. Hopefully kebabs & rice. Yum!

I managed to get my 8 miler in today, & I'm feeling pretty beat. But, I'd like to also:

  1. Make hummus
  2. Pack lunches (supervise the kids packing their own)
  3. Use up some applesauce
  4. Make the homemade tortilla chips
  5. Figure out my workout schedule for the week
  6. Start my packing list for my adventure relay
  7. Yoga. May be too tired for this
  8. Oh, and read my book in the shade, on my lounge chair. Because, what's life without a little fun? ;-)
And on to you - what are you up to today?


  1. I like to say I don't know how you do it, but I do - you're a planner. Me too, and stuff gets done (although you do way more than I do)! Your menu sounds great.

    1. Planning is definitely the secret sauce! Without it, I lounge around, take baths & read books. Not a bad way to spend a day, but I pay for it when I'm scrambling to find meals & there are no clean soccer uniforms, etc.