Wednesday, August 3, 2016

July budget recap - how did we do?

Another month draws to a close! July included a family vacation (on the Oregon coast) and my belated 40th birthday trip (girls trip to Napa), as well as two unusual social events - the Adele & Barenaked Ladies concerts. Some of our categories that rarely get any use (cough, entertainment) finally got a workout!

All told, we were under by $6,198. An unusual but great budgeting month! Here's how it breaks down:

Categories where we were over:

  • Entertainment - this included Ubers to & from the concert, as well as a visit for M & the boys to a water park. Over by $117.
  • Groceries - including stocking up for my parents visit, as well as food for our vacation, hosting a big family event at our house, etc. Over by $318. This means we spent $868 on groceries in July. *shudder*
  • Liquor - Over by $220. Our budget is only $40, so that should tell you something. This included stocking up on ingredients to make lemon drops, craft beer for my dad during their visit, as well as wine for my Mom, and also some champagne I brought back from Napa. 
  • Toileteries - Over by $64. This was mostly stocking up on sunblock & my super heavy duty sunblock face cream. The California summer sun is serious business. 
Categories where we spent as expected:
  • Insurance, rent, our investment property mortgage

Categories where we spent less than budgeted:
  • Childcare, by $1381. Not only did we have a few refunds come through for after care at camps, but we also had a nanny for only a week during the month. Plus two sitters (concert, and a work event). 
  • Cleaning, by $20. We skipped a cleaning while we were out of town, but had our vacation house cleaned. The cleaning fee is less, hence the difference.
  • Dining out, by $22. Super impressed, given the crazy month!
  • Gas, by $10. :-)
  • Our vacation house mortgage - we got a refund due to the prepayments for our refinance, and didn't pay the mortgage this month for the same reason. We were under by $5442. :-) Obviously, a one time victory.
  • Utilities, by $40.
And, there you have it! Adios, July & here's hoping for a great August. How about you? How did your budgeting month go? Any big wins?

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  1. Great month! I didn't do very well at all. OH well there is always August!