Thursday, November 3, 2016

November goals

November promises to be a crazy month. We will be staying in hotels for two soccer tournaments (two weekends in a row) & heading to Hawaii for a week over Thanksgiving. I can already feel the budget groaning! :-)


  • Stick to our budget (including Hawaii trip budget)
  • Put $100/each in the boys college funds

  • Have one date night with M (may be a date lunch in Hawaii)
  • Donate, sell or toss 50 items in the house.
  • Try a new recipe that everyone (including my little guy) will eat. 
  • Get our plans sorted out for our Hawaii trip.
  • Get the kids sorted with ski gear, so we can plan our holiday ski trips

  • Drop into the 140s before my Hawaii trip
  • Eat 5 servings of fruits & vegetables 
  • Complete 5 stretching workouts (yoga or pilates)
  • Complete 7 strength workouts
  • Complete 900 minutes of cardio. 
  • Average 1350 calories/day
  • Average 10,000 steps/day

  • Maximum of one late night/week
  • Work from home at least one Friday this month

  • Read four books
  • Get together with one friend
  • Plan my next girls trip
  • Donate all fruit before it goes bad (from our trees in our yard)
  • Do some personal baking
  • Find a way to volunteer!

What about you? What do you want to complete in November? Any big goals? 


  1. I love the way you breaks your list down into categories. I really do need to take a lesson from you!

    1. You have a huge to do list as well! I'm cheering you on. :-)

  2. I'm rooting for you. I sure hope I can get together with my friends this month. I missed the last two gatherings and hope yours work out.

    1. Fingers crossed. I've struggled with this one. I've tried to make more time for phone calls, which is also not natural. We do email every day, so at least it's something. Although, no replacement for real life interaction.

  3. Good luck with your goals. I've noticed that I'm in a way better mood when I have time with my friends. I'm going to a concert this weekend with a friend of mine.

    1. Good for you! And yes, ditto! It makes me feel like a more well rounded person. I need it!