Monday, December 5, 2016

Weekly spending roundup (11/28-12/4/16)

Lots of spending in anticipation of the holidays, and the beginning of the week covered part of our vacation. Spendy, spendy! I stocked up on gift cards that came with store rewards as well.

Here goes!

  • Monday (11/28)
    • $20.20 - gas at Costco
    • $5.47 - gelato
    • 10.10 - shave ice (people preferred different snacks) :-)
    • $34.72 - two yoga classes (including tip & tax)
    • $150.67 - food/drinks at the hotel for the vacation
  • Tuesday (11/29)
    • $20.82 - chocolates to take back from Costco
    • $19.50 - food on plane
    • $20 - entertainment devices (movies, etc) on plane
    • $25 - mini golf for the boys before we headed to the airport
    • $41.62 - the boys wanted to spend their souvenir money on Adidas hoodies
    • $25.52 - picked up a new money clip for M that he's been looking for. His previous one went through the wash
    • $65.22 - Uber home from airport
  • Wednesday (11/30)
    • $7.29 - produce stand
    • $50 - gift cards at Rite Aid for Subway. These will be used for dining out, & generated rewards for future spending.
    • $74.95 - groceries at Costco
    • $38.02 - Christmas gifts to donate to the boys toy drive at school
    • $100 - gift cards for Christmas (rewards)
    • $200 - gift cards for future travel (generated rewards)
  • Thursday (12/1) - No spend day!
  • Friday (12/2) - No spend day!
  • Saturday (12/3)
    • $22.08 - birthday gift for my BFF. 
    • $149 - DMV renewal for one car
    • $4.25 - produce stand for tomatoes & mini cucumbers
    • $2.10 - candy for our advent house
    • $115.59 - another trip to Costco. This was mostly meat for the freezer
    • $36.29 - Christmas lights
    • $23.03 - more Christmas lights. I accidentally drove over some of the strands M was laying out to detangle. Oops. :-(
    • $20 - homemade jam from a neighbor. She makes the jam from local ingredients (mostly yards in our neighborhood), sells it & donates all of the money to a charity. She's awesome. M loves her jam, but it's pricey. This is his Christmas gift this year. :-)
    • $40 - birthday gift for nephew
    • $86 - Christmas gifts
  • Sunday (12/4)
    • $50 - gift cards for birthdays
    • $200 - travel gift cards
    • $215 - the boys have been earning money all year - allowances + rewards for grades + bonus chores. This will now be used by them to buy Christmas presents, donate to their school fund raiser, and save for college.
    • $27 - Target gift cards (they were 10% off yesterday) for Christmas
    • $54 - Target gift cards for future kid birthday presents
    • $8.49 - grapes, at Costco. 
Total spent for the week = $1967.50. Lots of holiday shopping in there, as well as prepurchasing for things we will use later, due to gift card rewards. What about you? How is your weekly spending going? Any big wins? 


  1. Good deal on the Target cards. I can get free Target gift cards w/our rewards c/c unfortunately my kids don't want those ones this year.ugh.
    I've gotten quite a few gift cards for the PPoints at Rite-Aid this holiday season. I think this sales is the last week R-A will be offering PP rewards for buying gift cards. They usually cut off that deal 2 weeks before Xmas to force people who wait to shop to not get a better bargain.

    1. My kids all love Target cards.When son was going through a really hard stretch last year, I mailed him (along with cash loan), a stockpile of the freebie ones. He was never so happy to see those cards as he could finally buy the little necessities of life he had no means to pay for like laundry soap, razers, etc. Work started picking up after that and he's been able to afford those things but sure was nice to put them to good use.

    2. How can someone not want a Target gift card?! You can buy almost anything there. :-)

      I'm almost happy about Rite Aid being done with gift cards, because they keep tempting me into spending!

  2. I am chuckling at your second set of lights. Life happens, right?

    I started tracking our spending again on 12/1/16. Maybe I will keep up with it this time and post my results.

    1. Oh my. M was not that happy with my light situation. ;-) Especially because Nick was "helping" him with the lights, and it was taking about 2x longer than normal due to his "helping". It was pretty sweet to watch the two of them together.

      Yes, track & report the spending - I find it's super helpful for staying on track.

  3. I got in on the Target gift card. I'm going to use for a pair of Denizon jeans which is Levis for son as part of Christmas gift-he's not picky on brand but needs a certain boot cut style and these work. I'll pair with the $10 off $50 apparrel coupon in add, getting teen boy stuff. The rest will go towards more teen boys gifts and thanks to feedback, I know Axe is still popular (and on sale plus free gift card bonus).I received a $10 off any $50 purchase as well, so will stretch that $100 Card to at least $130. Well done you on planning ahead with gift card buying.

    1. Couldn't believe the Target deal! Do they normally run that? I went to their web site on Sunday, hoping to save myself a trip to the store for a gift card. I was thrilled when I saw that they were discounted. Sounds like you have a great plan to stretch your gift cards for your donations. Awesome work!