Friday, December 9, 2016

Frugal Fridays & my yearly bonus

I accomplished a few frugal things over the past week or so, which always feels good!

  • Sold 14 movies for $20 on Facebook sale, decluttering & earning money in the process
  • Supported a local woman who makes jams & donates all profits to a charity, as one of my Christmas presents. M & I aren't really exchanging, but I couldn't resist a little something to brighten his mornings. Not really "frugal" in the true sense of the word, but I was really excited to find a local gift that he'll enjoy, and that does something good for others. Win/win.
  • I found movie sized packs of candy for $.10 on clearance at our local grocery store. I was able to get everything we needed for our advent house, plus stock up on candy for either the movies, gifts (see below), etc.
  • Bought gift cards that I needed for the holidays at Rite Aid, earning plenti points for future spend. I now have just under $100 in points for future spending (ear marked for any necessary toiletries in 2017).
  • Bought Target gift cards (online) at 10% off through a special one day sale. I needed two for stocking gifts for my nephews, and saved $3. Also went ahead & picked up 4 more ($15/each) for kid birthday presents. That, plus candy always makes a favorite gift. 
  • Bought a birthday gift for my BFF, and used a $20 store credit to offset about half of the cost
  • We made all meals at home this week, including a fun use for the crescent rolls I found on super sale at Costco. We made pigs in a blanket (the kids actually made them) & chocolate "croissants", using chocolate from my giant stash I'm trying to make my way through. Both were fabulous. :-)
And, it's that time of year at work, where I receive my yearly bonus & raise. The story is similar to what I received last year. My raise was a slightly smaller percentage (10.5%), my bonus was larger. 

I will use my bonus for the following:
  • Max out my 401K (particularly important this year, as I don't plan to work for the entire year). This will ensure I get my full match from my employer. Why turn away free money? :-) 
  • Save $15,000 for our potential move this summer. If M happens to get a job with his current employer (but, in the Seattle office), his employer will cover most of the cost of this move, & I will redirect these funds. Better to be prepared, in case that doesn't pan out.
  • I'll apply $5,000 towards our Seattle house 2nd mortgage
  • Save $3,500 for our 2017 travel: 
    • This includes a potential ski weekend at Tahoe in January
    • A trip in February to Seattle/Portland (tickets have already been purchased). I haven't been back to our Seattle house since we moved. I want to get the boys familiar with the area again, take them skiing locally. We will combine that with a trip to see my parents to celebrate the boys birthdays, and my parents will likely watch the boys for a weekend so M & I can celebrate my birthday at the Oregon coast. Should be a super fun trip. I'm very curious to see how the kids remember their old home. 
    • A girls weekend sometime in April?
    • Anything else that arises. 
  • $3,000 for the boys college accounts
  • $1,000 is ear marked as "splurge". No idea what, if anything, I'll do with the money, but I want to be prepared.
What about you? Tell us some frugal things you accomplished this week! And, any input into the bonus spending? Is the splurge amount too much? It's more than I've used in previous years, so I'm not sure if I can do it. I'll probably end up splurging on another girls trip, or buying my sister a ticket to come visit. Pretty sure there won't be clothes or shoes involved. :-) 

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  1. nice job blending all the deal. The movie candy plus target cards are a great win! I've saved the freebie target cards at other times of the year as birthday gifts. Congratulations on your raise and bonus. that is beyond my comprehension, but couldn't be more deserved for the amount of travel, long hours, and work ethic you bring to your job (not that I'm saying I'm a slacker LOL) Sometimes a little splurge on something unique and local is a good buy-the jam. Unique and appreciated is a bargain in my book and just think of the joy on M's face when he eats that first piece of lovely toast! As for your personal splurge-no way should you put anything less towards your self.I like your idea of another girls weekend-you seemed refreshed writing about your last one. Form one mom, spouse, worker to another-girls weekends rule.