Friday, April 28, 2017

Frugal Friday

It's been a quick week, with lots of work changes & meetings. I had an 8:00 pm meeting with Jakarta last night, and an 8:00 am meeting with London this morning. I'm pooped, & looking forward to a slightly quieter Friday (no one else is online on Fridays, starting by late morning). Hurrah for small victories!

What kind of frugal things have we done lately . . . ?

  1. Made dinner every night this week, even though I had two very unexpected late nights
  2. Line dried all clothes (minus underwear & socks), which saves the fabric, but also reduces power. We line dry on a large rack in our spare bedroom.
  3. Moved all outdoor lights to solar. While an initial one time cost, we live in an area that has a lot of sunlight, so this should reduce our ongoing outlay of batteries, etc, and provide us with inexpensive outdoor lighting
  4. Continue to maintain our pool without paying for help. M has studied up quite a bit, & most of the supplies are available at Costco.
  5. Speaking of Costco, we received our rebate check ($240, so $120 net savings over the cost of membership), and will use that purchase our groceries for the week.

Less frugal things for the week:
  1. I did pay to have someone clean the house. The week got away from me, and I was out of town last weekend.
  2. M made dinner on the spur of the moment 2x this week. He ended up swinging by Trader Joes to pick up a few things. He spent under $4, but both items were already in the cupboard. Still cheaper than takeout!

I'm considering buying reusable bags for lunches, etc. I want to reduce our use of ziplock baggies. Does anyone have recommendations? I'm looking for lunch packing options, as well as baggies I could use to store divided up meat in the freezer, etc.


  1. If M spent under $4 at Trader Joes then you are lucky...hubby can't go into a grocery store without walking out $20-$30 later :) That is why I do most of the shopping. I guess having a pool is a bit like mowing the lawn, once you get the hang of the cleaning probably not a huge deal. Our hot tub needs similar chemicals but hubby is solely in charge of that. I hope you have a restful weekend!

    1. M is a Costco lover. That's really his place where he can go in & spend $30 over the planned total. ;-)

  2. I am a spendthrift at TJ's as well. Items fly into my cart. Enjoy your weekend.

    1. I rarely go in there, because I find so much I "need"!

  3. I am still using the same Tupperware sandwich containers that I purchased 30 years ago. One for a sandwich and one for fruit or pretzels or whatever. I have the 6 oz cups too that I can put canned fruit or pudding in.