Thursday, April 6, 2017

One quarter complete, checking in on the 2017 clothing budget

Given that we are through the first quarter of the year, I thought it would be helpful to check in on my 2017 shopping budget & see what I'd purchased.

I wrote a post back in December on what I planned to buy.

Here's the original list:

  • A minimum of 4 pair of kids shoes. More if they need new soccer cleats, & I don't have the correct size from my sister. Her kids play single season soccer, and don't wear them out as much as my kids do. As a result, I have about 4 pair of bigger season cleats at the ready. Expected cost = $150
  • Slippers for me. Our house has no carpeting, & I've really missed slippers during this cold snap. Of course, as soon as I buy them, it will get warm again, & I'll wonder why I have them. ;-) Expected cost = $10 
  • Running shoes for me. Expected cost = $75 
  • Running shoes for M. Expected cost = $75
  • Replacement workout outfits (M + me). We wear things a lot, and although we hand dry, we typically have to replace 1-2 items each/year (sports bras, running shorts, etc). Expected cost = $150
  • Kids clothing, miscellaneous. I've not bought the kids much of anything, as they have lots of sports shorts (the only thing they will really wear), dry fit tshirts, etc. They each have one pair of jeans, a couple of pair of pajamas (mostly for trips to Oregon) & a couple of jackets. However, I'll add $200 just in case.
  • Socks, all. With the working out & kids feet growing, we tend to need to replace socks with some frequency. Expected cost = $40
  • Shoe repairs, me. I need to have my Frye boots reheeled. Expected cost = $25
  • Random things for M. He's a bit less diligent in his clothing purchases, and tends to pick things up at Costco that strike his fancy. I'll just build that into the budget, and be happily surprised if it doesn't happen this year. :-) Expected cost = $250

So, what have we bought so far this year? Here's the list:

  • Slippers (me) - $8.09
  • Running shoes (me) - $130.15 
  • Running socks (me) - $21.68
  • Slip on sneakers (me) - $14
  • No show socks (me) - $11.98
  • Boys soccer uniforms (home & away, so two per kid) - $306.72
  • Base layer & gloves (Sam, at a super chilly soccer match) - $20.02
I also returned a few things purchased at the tail end of 2016:
  • A workout jacket - $13.02
  • Ski stuff (opted not to ski this year, with the move) - $61.79

All told, we've spent $437.83 out of our intended budget of $750. The boys soccer uniforms are the biggest portion of the spend, and reflect almost half of our yearly budget. They weren't anticipated, but should now be good for at least three more seasons. I think we can make this budget, if we stick very tightly to the rest of our categories. 

What about you? How much are you planning to spend on clothing in 2017 for your family? How are you doing so far?


  1. Hubby and I have spent $54.61. Hubby zero - he tends to shop only once or twice a year and spend quite a bit more than I when he does. I tend to shop through the months to ensure my thrift store wardrobe is fresh. I bought brand new leather naturalizer sandals (for Greece trip) $30 which were regularly $80. Hubby bought me a fuzzy pair of socks (impulse purchase), I picked up 4 shirts from the thrift store and I bought one really nice Zara winter wool coat from our 24 hour facebook bidding site for $6 but in the end it didn't fit so I donated it to my favorite thrift store, you win some you lose some but I am no longer buying clothing off there for that reason. I am losing weight (5lbs so far this year) so likely will wait until mid-may then buy some new-to me pants at the thrift stores. The shirts still all fit but hubby said I had droopy pant syndrome :)

    1. Great deal on the leather sandals! I wish I had droopy pant syndrome! I'm more like in the "too tight" pants syndrome right now. ;-)

  2. Just a heads up re:soccer uniforms. Most clubs only use a competitive kit for 3 years max so unless this is the first year of a new kit you will need a new kit in a year or so. Hopefully it's the first year of yours!!

    1. Yep, this is our third order for the kids, and their 3rd year playing. The first one we bought, we were the last season to get it. Then they had new uniforms, & Adidas stopped making the jerseys. These new uniforms had better last for a few years! If we get two years out of them, I'll be thrilled. I'm not sure Sam could wear the jersey past then, as he would be 13. It got to the point last season when all of the uniform shorts were pretty darn short. Approaching shorty short territory. :-)