Sunday, April 9, 2017

Sunday happenings

I got almost everything done on my to do list yesterday!

  1. Go for a run
  2. Make time for yoga
  3. Sort out my jewelry area
  4. Move a dresser out of my closet
  5. Order a new nightstand. (Our master bedroom is tiny, compared to previous houses, so we're doing a bunch of furniture shuffling.)
  6. Contact our realtor for our Seattle house on tenant move out date. Start getting work kicked off in the yard
  7. Fill out paperwork for Sam's overnight science camp
  8. Make a menu & Costco list
  9. Go to Costco & the produce stand
I didn't manage to squeeze in yoga time, but I've already done it today. We ended up hosting a sleepover, so plans changed a bit on the fly. I've also decided to hold on #5, as the rearranging of furniture gave us an option for a nightstand in our bedroom. It's not a match, and doesn't look as good as a match to the set. However, it's free! And, it's the nightstand that's much less visible when you enter the room. We'll keep it for now & determine later if we're bothered by it enough to replace it.

It's a much nicer day today (sunny & lovely), so I'll be getting in some fresh air in between taking people to soccer games. My parents return from Napa, and we are having an early Easter celebration. They head home next Saturday morning.

Here's what's on the list to accomplish today:
  1. Sort out the family vacation house schedule
  2. Send out an email to everyone who has requested a slot
  3. Finalize tax payment
  4. Yoga
  5. Go for a walk in the sun
  6. Review calendar for the week
  7. Send my parents the schedule for soccer practice
  8. Pick up bonus kid for soccer, take 3 kids to a game
  9. Make risotto for dinner
  10. Clean the waffle maker (the kids made waffles today)
  11. Investigate flight options for my London flight in a few weeks
  12. Verify rewards number is attached to London hotel reservation
Add in the laundry & dishes, and it looks like a pretty mellow day! What about you? What's on the agenda for today? Do you have any good spring-ish recipes? Looking for some inspiration!

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