Sunday, April 30, 2017

Sunday - wrapping up the week

I always use my Sundays to wrap up the week (tackling chores that remain) & to plan for the week ahead. Both of these things are critical for my sanity & our overall organization during the crazy work week.

I had a fabulous two hour hike in the sunshine with a friend yesterday, and the weather was gorgeous all day. I ran errands, and then hung out by the pool for a bit with the kiddos & M.

In what is surely the last possible appliance that can break at our house (I shouldn't jinx myself like this), both ovens went out last night while I was making dinner. And, by both, I feel compelled to add that this house has two incredibly tiny ovens stacked on each other, vs one normal sized oven. It took me two hours to finish the dinner, because I kept checking it, adjusting the settings, swapping to the lower oven, & finally . . . used the microwave convection oven. For those keeping track at home, since we've moved in, we had to spend $700 on repairs to the water connector to the washing machine (it wasn't a standard repair - went far back into the wall, and involved parts that were 20+ years old), and had to get a new dishwasher. Both the washing machine & the dishwasher also leaked on our brand new floors the first time we used them. The pool heater is also broken. And, now the oven. ;-) In our area, you are not allowed to do an inspection. The owner does an "inspection" when they list the house, and it's available to read, but you are not allowed to do your own. Technically, you could, but no offer would be accepted with any contingencies. So, you get what you get. M is very handy, so let's see where we come out with the oven. He thinks he's fixed it today & got up at 4:30 to work on it. But, I did notice that he planned dinner out on the grill for tonight. .. .

M took the boys to the early soccer game this morning (bless him!) so I can get things done. I have a bunch of paperwork-ish stuff I didn't finish yesterday, plus standard chores.

  1. Laundry
  2. Supervise Sam's packing for overnight science camp
  3. Science camp paperwork
  4. Send out family schedule for the week (I book things on my work calendar, M's calendar, etc)
  5. Coordinate schedule with nanny
  6. Sort out summer camp activities 
  7. Fix the printer
  8. Take Nick to soccer
  9. Drop Nick off at art class
  10. Pick up Sam at his fitness test (Boy Scouts)
  11. Find a picture of Nick for a class project
  12. Search the house for a couple of library books that went missing during the move. We currently owe $50. I'm not thrilled, but cannot imagine where they went. We also never found our Amazon remote. Such a mystery. We packed everything, and everything is now unpacked. Where could they be????
  13. Strength workout
  14. Yoga
  15. If the oven is back, make banana bread, and take a loaf over to the neighbors
  16. Call my parents
  17. Find a birthday sleepover date for both boys (delayed from the move) & get the invites out

Nothing is a huge work item, but it all just needs to get done! I'm also hoping for more relaxing pool time today. Even 20 minutes outside with a glass of wine & my book would be perfect! 

What about you? If you accomplish one thing today, what would you want it to be? Do you also have lots of "small" chores that constantly need to be ticked off? 


  1. The first year in any home is always the eye-opener. Thank goodness for grills and microwaves. Enjoy your wine by the pool!

  2. Sellers market! Here everyone does inspections and negotiates afterward but you still almost always have something that goes awry.

  3. Even with an inspection, so many things come up. I hate that it is happening to you though! I hear you about the outside time. We are spending so much more time outside now than we ever did. I even sewed outside today! With a glass of wine of course!

  4. I'm sorry you are dealing with so many odd repairs now instead of getting to enjoy your home. I hope you were able to make the most of your free Saturday and time on Sunday. I'm never as productive as I would like, but keep plugging away.

  5. Sad about all the expensive repairs and replacements. Sounds like a change in the law would be the only option to protect buyers. But as we sometimes say, oh well, it's only money. Life goes on. Glad all else is well!