Friday, August 11, 2017

Frugal Friday

It's been so fabulous to have my parents here this week. They've been so helpful (cooking, cleaning, laundry, & getting the boys around to their activities).

  • Purchased Starbucks gift cards (I go to Starbucks only when traveling for work or on vacation) & earned $30 of credit for my local grocery store
  • My parents will likely make several stops at the grocery store next week when they are staying (they typically cook), so I will leave the $30 credit for them to use while there here.
  • Remembered to call our rental property insurance company & let them know our house is sold. Will be receiving a check for $108. Woohoo! Free money I wasn't expecting. :-) 
  • Made all meals at home while I was solo this weekend. Included dusting off chicken from the freezer that no one really liked the first time I made it. I made some tweaks & it was totally fine. 
  • When I was cleaning Sam's closet last weekend, I discovered that his Boy Scout uniform shirt was pretty much destroyed. I'm thinking a combination of sap & campfire. I washed it four times, & was planning to give up. (They are pretty persnickety about a clean uniform). I happened to be on our local neighborhood swap, and a neighbor was giving away a brand new shirt, same size as my son's. What are the odds?! This is about a $25 shirt. 
  • Made six dozen muffins & a batch of protein balls, to stock the freezer & ensure everyone has easy snacks & breakfast items.
  • Made dinner on Sunday, when we had guests in town. Kept it pretty simple (spaghetti & meatballs, garlic bread, & salad). The majority of the dinner was made with pantry/freezer items, and the salad I purchased.
  • Used Rite Aid rewards to buy everyone ice cream (does your Rite Aid have a Thrifty ice cream shop inside? If not, you are missing out!)
Overall, I'm feeling pretty good about how we did with the week. How about you? Any frugal wins? 


  1. No, our Rite Aid does not have an ice cream shop inside. Maybe it's a California thing?

    Our ice cream shops are all seasonal Mom & Pop operations ... and it's a big deal when they open for the summer! :)

  2. Sadly, no ice cream shops in our drug stores. Actual ice cream shops are few and far between now adays.