Tuesday, April 3, 2018

April Goals

I'm looking forward to April! I have a fun mini vacation in there (girls trip to Las Vegas), and my parents will be in town for about a week. I'm hoping work will also be significantly less crazy. You'll see a few repeats on there, as many of my goals are yearly goals that carry over.


  • Keep dining out to $150 
  • Stay within budget for girls trip.
  • Make final decisions on house remodel.
  • Come up with one way to reduce what we need/spend on an ongoing basis
  • Earn another $200 in sidehustle money. Split this between college money for the kids, & an extra payment on our vacation house mortgage.
  • File taxes/pay.

  • Have one family evening together: cooking dinner, board games, etc
  • Have a date night with my husband
  • Continue financial help (knowledge, not money) with sister & friend

  • Complete another full round of 21 Day Fix
  • Eat 5.5 servings a day of fruit & veggies
  • Lose 4 pounds
  • Run at least 8 times
  • Work from home 3 days
  • Take two classes that I need for a work opportunity


  • Make one new recipe
  • Spend time with a friend
  • Volunteer at least 1x
  • Write for at least 4 hours on personal stuff
  • Summarize my findings from completing my Dream Bio, and plan to turn at least one of those findings into action.

What about you? What are you hopping to accomplish in April?

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