Monday, April 9, 2018

Menu Plan Monday

Making a weekly menu helps us reduce grocery costs, avoid food waste, and stay out of restaurants. It's not perfect, and we eat a lot of leftovers but it helps. Here's what we're eating this week:

Friday - I made chicken risotto
Saturday - we had no power, so our plans for peanut noodle bowls (with chicken) were scrapped, & we got sandwiches from the Costco food court
Sunday - Grilled burgers
Monday - Chicken peanut noodle bowls
Tuesday - leftover burgers
Wednesday - leftover chicken bowls
Thursday - eat any remaining leftovers, or spaghetti & meatballs
Friday - my parents will be visiting, so I'll make tacos, guacamole & we'll have margaritas
Saturday - M will make beef kebabs & rice
Sunday - homemade chicken curry

That's it for our plans. What about you? What's on your menu for the week ahead? 


  1. I try to plan menus but it never works out. Instead I now plan just the bare bones of a weekly menu. This week I know we will have a couple of chicken meals, a couple with beef, vegetarian meals a couple of days, salads, brussels sprouts (I have a lot of them in the fridge) and tomatoes. Every thing else will just fall in place however it falls.

    1. Whatever works best for you! I find that most people have a varied method that they've experimented with & tweaked for their family/taste.

  2. We don't meal plan more than a day out but I realized today that there are only 18 suppers between now and our Europe trip and lots of groceries to go through. No more buying veggies unless we are using it that night. We had a bag of costco hot wings that were way too bloody hot to eat, I decided for the rest of the bag to rinse them off and we will eat them with some shake n bake, they will still be spicy but edible and I am not bloody throwing them out!

  3. We don't eat much leftovers. Maybe beans and rice. How do you have left over burgers???

    1. We reheat all of our leftovers by steaming them (boil hot water in a small pan, then add items, and turn to low & cover on the stove). With burgers. We make the patties, and then reheat as needed & add fresh toppings & buns (for the kids). We usually eat ours without buns.