Friday, April 6, 2018

Frugal Friday

I feel like I say this every week, but, again, it's true. I wasn't expecting this week to be so challenging. But work, due to things I'm not at liberty to discuss even in vague terms here, was incredibly difficult. We survived another week, and I have a few frugal wins to report:

  1. M was out of town for 10 days (back on Monday), & while I don't get into the specifics of travel details for privacy reasons, we kept the food & dining out budget in check on all sides.
  2. I drove our electric car to all errands & work, and charged for free (work).
  3. No eating out this week! We'd actually planned a date night tonight, but I'm struggling with a cold & we scrapped our plans.
  4. Found a great gift card offer through our grocery store. Buy $50 in Home Depot gift cards, & get a $10 grocery store gift card, max of $300. I did the max, as we are in the middle of lots of house projects. I now have $60 in "free" grocery money.
  5. Found $.02 on the ground. ;-) 
I hope you had a frugal week, and are preparing yourself for the week ahead. For us, that means menu planning, meal prep, and reviewing our budget to ensure things are on track! 


  1. Great deal on the gift cards! Hope you feel better soon

  2. How long until you are done with your job? I hope it is soon. You seem so stressed out.

  3. We don't have any Home Depots near us, but great offer. The $60 would go right into my vacation fund.