Sunday, April 8, 2018

Soccer free Sunday

It's always amazing when we have an entire day without any responsibilities! Soccer is not scheduled for today, as many schools are on spring break. (We're a couple of weeks later.) Hurrah! I definitely need the time to get things done.

We were supposed to try a new peanut butter/noodle recipe last night (I was going to add in chicken, to make a bit of chicken satay like taste), but the power was out from around 4 pm to 2 am. The power company kept reassuring us it would be back soon, but we ended up having M pick up food court items from Costco for dinner. We ate by candle light, and read books in the evening. So, we're a bit behind on standard laundry/dishes chores.

I'm still getting over a bad cold, so it will likely take me longer to get things done, but I have a lot to accomplish. Here goes:

  1. Make peanut sauce & prep ingredients (will have that recipe tomorrow, instead, due to power outage)
  2. Make muffins (time permitting)
  3. Wash all sheets & duvets
  4. Clean spare room (my parents arrive on Friday)
  5. Clean showers
  6. Clean bathrooms
  7. Clean kitchen
  8. Vacuum 
  9. Catch up on budget & paying bills
  10. Make a packing list for my upcoming trip to Las Vegas
  11. Review work schedule for next week
  12. Carpool schedule
  13. Nanny schedule
  14. Go for a slow walk in the sun (not feeling up to a run)
  15. Yoga
  16. M will grill burgers for dinner
  17. Try on a few dresses I ordered, and see if anything will work for my trip in a few weeks
  18. Work on menu plan for my parents visit
  19. Catch up on email
That's it from our side. What about you? Hope you have a relaxing & productive Sunday!


  1. Power outages truly are inconvenient,hard on the eating out too. You travel so much - do you have a permanent packing list? I built one a few years ago that includes items for when we go to Europe or when hubby is on a business trip. Without fail when I go through the list with him before a trip he always has forgotten something - it works for us. I made the initial one from an online one and then added in all the things we might need to take that are specific to us. It does change from time to time but sure helps with peace of mind when packing.

  2. Your list is long! I am cleaning, washing clothes, things I would do tomorrow but I have appointments in town tomorrow.

  3. How was the peanut butter noodles? I clicked on it and it looks delicious. I love soba noodles.