Thursday, April 12, 2018

Frugal Friday

It's that time again! Another week has whizzed by, and here's a quick look at how we did with our spending/savings/frugality.

  1. Found $30 on the ground on a walk! I was so excited. What a fun surprise.
  2. Made all dinners at home. (Lunch is free for the adults at work.)
  3. Drove the electric car for commuting all week, and charged for free at work.
  4. Took advantage of a free class at work that I've been wanting to take.
  5. No other purchases during the week. This is something that we consistently do every week, but our schedules are so crazy, we don't buy anything M-Thurs. Friday is usually included, but occasionally I slide a few errands in there, time permitting. It works well to keep spending in check.

So, a pretty quiet frugal week, but I'll take it! And, for those wondering about the peanut noodle bowl recipe I posted last week, it was great. I added diced chicken, and served with cilantro, sriracha, fresh lime squeezed on it, and peanuts on top. I thought it could be a bit spicier, but the toppings helped make it close to perfect. M, Sam & I loved it. Nick didn't try it, because he's super picky. ;-) Also, I served mine with angel hair pasta, as we didn't have soba noodles. 


  1. That sounds good! I think I have a cilantro obsession. I absolutely love it on SOOOOO many different things.

  2. A winner recipe! That's a great accomplishment.

  3. I didn't know you had free lunches at work - nice perk if you must go to an office! :)

    I've been eagerly asking everyone how they like their electric cars, looking for more savings, but they don't make them in the size we need for our family, alas. Maybe in a few years!