Friday, July 20, 2018

Frugal Friday

It wasn't much of a frugal week, but here are a few things that happened:

  • Avoided buying groceries until yesterday. The kids have been at summer camp, and I had an overnight work event on Wednesday, so we were able to keep costs down.
  • Drove the electric car to our work event. It was so nice not to have to pay for gas. Also, Pescadero is so beautiful! Will definitely be back with M & the kids some time.
  • Semi related to the first point, but I drank my coffee without milk (just powdered creamer) all week. I didn't want to make a special trip just for milk. I now really appreciate the milk in my coffee that much more. 
  • Received a credit for a meal on our vacation last weekend.
  • Found a buyer for our old sofa
That's pretty much it for us! Looking forward to getting back to our routine this weekend. It's been chaos here with two full weeks of construction, the kids out of town, a vacation, an overnight work event for me, and just generally a wild & crazy packed schedule. I'm looking forward to some down time & getting back into a routine. 

What about you? Any frugal wins to report?


  1. We have not been to the grocery store for 4 days. That is a record. We run to the store for this and that much too often.

    1. It was huge for us not to go to Costco, so I hear you!

  2. That whole area is so beautiful!! I'm glad you're finally taking the plunge with work. It's been a long time coming:)

    1. It was gorgeous! We are pretty close to Half Moon Bay, but have only been a few times. Will definitely go back. And on the work front, you aren't kidding!