Friday, August 17, 2018

Frugal Friday

My parents were in town this week, so it was a unique schedule. Combining that with the first week of school meant a lot of chaos! :-) We did save money in a few ways:

  • I continued to price check our flights, and ended up saving $62 on our flights to Hawaii in November. The money gets added to our Alaska Airlines account, which means it can be used for future travel.
  • I called to drop our car off of our insurance (we gifted one of our cars to my parents, and my dad drove it back with him). The cost of our insurance was still crazy high, so I filled out an updated mileage form, and also noticed they had the wrong drivers assigned to each car. (This matters as I have a slightly better driving record than my husband). After the adjustments, we saved over $800 all told on our car insurance.
  • Between myself & my parents, made all dinners at home. (My parents took the kids to In & Out one day.) 
  • Repurposed most of our school supplies from last year, and have a small list of things that we need to purchase.
  • Filled out a matching gift for our school donations. This doesn't save me any money, but doubles the impact of our donation.
How about you? Any frugal wins for the week? 


  1. Great insurance savings- sometimes it is difficult to save on that. Well done on the school supply reuse, those are so bloody expensive and they certainly don't need new pens and binders every year unless the old ones are wrecked

  2. Did you hear about Alaska's changes to their price guarantee? I was just getting really enthused about them :(

    My frugal wins were a little less about us and more about others. I stocked up on Target brand coloring supplies at half price or less to donate to kids, and we got our company to match a donation to our library and that was all very exciting!

    1. I was quite unimpressed, because we've used the price guarantees so much over the past few years.

      Good find on the donations!