Friday, August 31, 2018

Frugal Friday

It's Friday, & I'm back! I spent last weekend doing a relay with my family & had a fabulous time. It's both an athletic endurance event, as well as an opportunity to laugh & bond in a van for two days together. I love the challenge & the time to connect.

But anytime I'm gone over the weekend, it interferes with my planning & efficiency for the weekend. I got back late on Sunday, so I'm still busy catching up. I've felt behind all week.

Here are a few frugal things for the week:

  • We made all dinners at home. This was trickier than usual, as I wasn't home over the weekend to meal prep
  • M & the boys picked me up from the airport (vs an Uber) on Sunday evening, saving about $25
  • I finally sold our old train table for $40 on a Facebook group. It has been posted for weeks, so it's great to see it go.
  • I have to take one last business trip, but was able to find a business class flight on an airline that matches miles for our preferred domestic airline. So, at least there will be a small win in that. 
  • Kept expenses for my relay really low on the food side. My mom insisted on paying for almost everything, as a thank you for our gifting them our old car. I also brought home a few leftover snacks for the boys
  • I paid our car registration via a rewards credit card vs sending in a check. Saved the cost of a stamp + we will accrue miles on our card. 
That's it on our side. Any frugal wins for you?


  1. Frugal comes back in September, but you did really well.

    1. I can't believe it's September! I'm not ready :-)

  2. How generous to give your folks one of your cars. Which one was it ?? I think you did well with frugalness in spite if being gone:)

    1. We had an old BMW that we gave to my parents. When we bought our electric car, it was intended to replace the BMW, & we debated selling it, etc. In a conversation with my parents in April, they mentioned being on the lookout for a cheap car, so then we just needed to figure out the logistics of how to get the car to them, and finally got that worked out!