Saturday, August 11, 2018

Frugal Friday/Saturday

I survived a truly terrible week at work. Can't get into the details for legal reasons, but it was awful. But, it's done & I do expect next week to be a moderate improvement. Here are some of the frugal things we did last week:

  1. No meals out, with one exception. I did buy myself lunch at Starbucks yesterday (using a gift card). I was tempted to order delivery last night, but made myself an egg & called it a day. ;)
  2. Drove electric car all week, with free charging at work.
  3. Sam had oral surgery yesterday, and is still quite swollen. He asked to go to the fancy ice cream shop last night. Rather than doing that, we swung by the store & picked up ice cream, for 1/2 the price. Plus, he'll have more ice cream for today.
  4. Carpooled with another mom to summer camp & soccer practice all week, saving time & money.
  5. We picked M up at the airport last Sunday, vs having him take an Uber.
That's all I can drum up. I'm exhausted from the week, but did have yesterday off to take care of Sam. I did end up helping a coworker here & there, but otherwise, read a book while Sam napped, & then figured out soft food options he could eat. He's so sweet when he's tired. I miss the little boy Sam, now that he's almost 13. :-) 

As for the weekend ahead, here's what's on the agenda:

  1. We have a soccer game today, and one tomorrow
  2. I need to go to Costco & the produce stand
  3. We'll be cleaning the entire house, deeper than usual. My family is arriving on Sunday.
  4. I need to work out, 2x.
  5. We need to get the pool in shape, as everyone will be swimming next week.
  6. I want to continue my meditation. I LOVE it. The meditation is really the only thing that kept me going last week, during all of the crazy. I'm using a guided meditation app (HeadSpace) & can't recommend it enough - especially if you've never tried meditation before.
  7. I need to return a couple of purchases that didn't work out.
  8. Prep the air mattress & wash sheets we ordered.
  9. Menu plan
  10. Figure out schedule for next week
  11. Get the kids to do a practice bike ride to middle school
  12. Check the school supplies to see what we need
And, for the menu plan, here's what I have in mind:

Saturday - Spaghetti & meatballs
Sunday - Naan pizzas
Monday - my parents are cooking. Lasagna. Yum!
Tuesday - my parents are cooking again. Chicken enchiladas!
Wednesday - Leftover lasagna
Thursday - Leftover enchiladas
Friday - We will likely due delivery and/or take my mom out as a thank you for cooking, helping with the kids, and she always insists on deep cleaning the house. She is a gift!

That's it for us. What about you? What are you up to this weekend?


  1. I have been loving the Calm app, the wave sounds with music are so great to fall asleep with. Enjoy your blog, just never really comment.

  2. I am sorry your week at work sucked so much - weeks like that make you look forward to a reduced work week so much more. Have fun with your parents!

  3. I can hardly remember the weekend now but we had a LOT of outdoor time and that was mostly good, but also totally exhausting for me. Exhausting for JB too, ze isn't ready (nor are we) to give up afternoon naps!

    PiC made a big hobby purchase that we'd been discussing for a couple months that's going to make it possible for him to do a weekly activity he greatly enjoys and I bought groceries but otherwise we didn't spend anything.