Friday, September 14, 2018

Frugal Friday

It's been a pretty regular week around here, but we do try to make consistently good decisions. So, even on a week where it feels like we've accomplished nothing, I step back & do see a few wins:

  1. Remembered to fill out a monthly work reimbursement. It's only $5/month, so feels silly, but I tie it in when I have another expense & remembered to cover the last four months. $20/back in my pocket.
  2. Received a reimbursement from the title company on our house we sold last summer. It was over $200, and something to do with a utility refund. Even though it's been a year, I'll take it!
  3. We line dried the majority of our clothing, as we normally do.
  4. I made all dinners at home. (Lunch is a mixed bag, but the kids pack lunches, and M & I eat for free at work).
  5. Filled out additional paperwork needed to get an FSA reimbursement.
  6. Finally sold an old gift card to a spa (it was the $15 leftover after I got a massage - five years ago) & sold it for about $10. 

That's it on our end. What about you? What frugal wins have you had this week?


  1. I posted mine on Thursday-not too much, but the pennies and dollars add up. I had a $2 parking expenses yesterday and at first was going to just ignore, but since I can lump with a business trip in late October, I'll be within 60 days (or its taxable) so will request that as well.

  2. Hey a dollar here a dollar there, and you have 20.00 which you can do something with!