Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Backup plans & refi updates

Sam is still not feeling well, & I'm starting to panic about the relay. If he's unable to join, it will be so disappointing for him & everyone else. He came home from school yesterday & slept the rest of the day. Fingers crossed that he turns the corner today! We have worked out backup plans (who will cover his legs) & have a few other ideas that we might put in place if he can't make it. But, here's hoping he feels better quickly - both for the relay & also because he's just so miserably sick. Poor kid.

We received news that we have conditional loan approval on our refi, and our appraisal came through at a really high number, which was the final piece. We are getting an additional drop on the interest rate by transferring investments to Bank of America, so I'm in the process of waiting for all of that verification to be completed & for the transfers to go through. We're in the home stretch! I'm thrilled, because a refi is so much work & it's really nice to know what a difference this will make in our loan & interest. It gives us a much better shot at our aggressive goal of having the house paid off before Nick heads off to college.

What else is happening today?

  • I took the kids to school, and will pick up. This is unusual, as they normally bike. I thought I would save Sam the energy, so he can focus on his school work, & getting better. 
  • We're having leftovers for dinner, which I love. Easy peasy. We're having leftover burger patties in a feta/tomato/cream gravy. They were fantastic.
  • I vacuumed & handled a few inside chores
  • I filled the yard waste, and our bonus bin, as pickup day is tomorrow. I could fill that yard waste up every day of my sabbatical, with all of the leaves & debris from our property. It's a never ending battle.
  • I'll go to the library & pick up a few new books for my airport time over the weekend.
  • I also need to put together a schedule for M for the days I'll be gone. Nick's soccer schedule, weekend tournament details, etc.
  • If I don't hear back from USPS, I need to chase what's happening with my missing package.

I'm also hoping for a little break to read by the pool, now that the weather has cooled off. What about you? What are you up to on this Tuesday?


  1. I sure hope Sam feels better soon and is able to do the relay. Yeah on the refinance. Saving interest is terrific!

    It's so frustrating when a package goes missing. I hope they find it.

  2. Poor Sam-I sure hope he turns a corner. The start of the school year and feeling lousy-not great for an active boy. good luck getting to the finish line with the refi.

  3. I hope Sam has turned the corner and is OK. I always knew when mine was sick when she slept all day. Congrats on being on the home stretch with your refi.