Monday, August 12, 2019

It's Monday & a few things to do

The weekend flew by (obstacle mud race for the kids, soccer, soccer, & a skating meet up for Sam), and now it's suddenly Monday.

Despite wearing plenty of sunblock, I got burned at the double header soccer match yesterday. There was no shade, and the spectators were on blacktop, which just radiates heat. It's supposed to be really hot all week here, so I need to figure out how to get the last of my relay training in, while staying out of the sun... that means early mornings for sure.

School starts on Thursday, so this is the last hurrah for the boys before the first day back!

Here's what's on my agenda this morning:

  1. Arrange for a package pickup for an eBay sale. 
  2. Take Sam with me on a pace walk
  3. Clean the house. Nick had a sleepover yesterday, and three teen boys are messy
  4. Do a bit of work/work. My manager called me. It's something only I can do, & I'll adjust my days accordingly.
  5. Drive kids to soccer practice
  6. Figure out what's for dinner & a menu plan for the week. We have plenty of groceries, so mainly just need to match things up.
  7. Laundry
  8. Package up a uniform Nick borrowed for a tournament, & get that returned to a coach
  9. Make a prioritized list of house projects
  10. Figure out which investments we're shifting over to qualify for our new refi (we need to transfer some investments to the bank providing the loan)

I think that will do it! What about you? What's on your list for this Monday?


  1. There are always things to do to stay on top of finances. I had to call on a small account I have form my dad's inheritance. Because we left it sit as it gets 3.25 interest, we had to verify that yes indeed, I do exist and do not want the account turned over to the state! a

    1. Isn't that true! Always something to do - chasing things down, paying bills, recording spending. I enjoy most of it, but it's not an insignificant time commitment.

  2. I do remember those days of watching from blazing hot sunny stands. I always kept a big brimmed hat in the car. Not much of a fashion statement but it worked.

    1. I wore a baseball hat, but definitely something either bigger, or with neck flaps. My neck is burned.

  3. I hope you got most of the list done today.