Monday, August 19, 2019

Two weeks to go & eBay frustrations

With two weeks to go until I return to work, I wanted to create a revised goal list for my sabbatical. Here it is:

  1. Get in three more workouts at the studio I bought the one month new joiner pass for. It was $99 for the month, so every workout makes me feel like I've reduced the per class cost. :-)
  2. Get together with friends 2x.
  3. Deal with our fridge at our vacation home (repair person + Costco discount)
  4. Order drapes for our dining room
  5. Sell or donate light fixture that we've had sitting around for two weeks
  6. Finish front yard project
  7. Decide what to do with remaining back yard project
  8. Get all funds transferred, & finish refi
  9. Deep clean the house
  10. Finish my relay
  11. Get back to 1/2 marathon training
  12. Clean inside windows & spot clean outside windows where there are streaks
  13. Decide whether we're getting Sam a geometry tutor. If so, line one up.
  14. Get vacation house doors installed.
  15. Set up photo shoot for the family
  16. Photobooks. These are TBD based on M's availability to pull digital copies. He's been working 80 hour weeks, so this is probably not going to happen.
  17. Refinish side table.
  18. Get one more massage
  19. Meet M for another lunch
  20. Figure out wood storage option for vacation house
I think I can get most of that done. I'll be out of town Thursday-Sunday this week, which will put quite a crimp on my time schedule. 

I was so happy with my eBay progress, & the lack of drama with all of my sales. I should have never had that thought, as I've had two issues crop up with the two most expensive items I've sold. The first issue is mostly my fault. I had a ring I was selling. I had it sized when I first bought it, but must have listed the ring size pre-sizing for my finger. It therefore doesn't fit the buyer. My fault, so I'm providing a refund. I'm frustrated with myself, mostly because it was an expensive mistake, but it's such a hassle (for myself & the buyer, I'm sure). I can relist it & should make most of the money back, but the fees & double postage will eat into quite a bit of the profit. An expensive mistake.

I've also had a terrible experience with USPS scheduled pickup. With the first pickup, the day of pickup came & went & no one picked up the package. In the evening, the postal worker rang our doorbell & asked where the package was. I explained it was there until recently. He said another postal worker picked it up earlier in the day. Sounds strange, but okay. I received a pickup confirmation, so thought nothing of it. Except, the item has never arrived, & the tracking number was never updated to show it ever made it to the post office. This is an expensive item, & I had insurance on it. I had two other items I'd scheduled pick up for. Neither of them got picked up, but I received email confirmation from the post office that they were picked up. I had to schedule yet another pick up, and that time, left a very detailed note that they were missing the pick ups. So, I have zero confidence that USPS is picking up and/or that the confirmation of pick ups mean anything. I've filed a claim with USPS over the first one, but we'll see what happens. So frustrating. 

Sam is also not feeling well, and we have our big relay this weekend. I'm nervous that he won't be able to join, or won't be feeling 100%. He *never* gets sick. My sister & I worked out a backup plan, in case he's unable to attend, but it means several other people adding additional legs. In addition to a lot of wasted money (flight, registration, a few items of clothing he needed, etc). Fingers crossed that he's feeling well enough to participate. 

How is your Monday going? 


  1. I just don't want to get to work here and I have so much to do.... blah!

  2. So sorry Sam is not feeling well and you are having trouble with ebay. Hopefully things turn around for your last 2 weeks of sabbatical time. It does sound like you have made the most of your time off. Enjoy the rest of your week! :)

  3. I hope Sam feels up to participating in the relay.
    That is one extensive list for two weeks. Wishing you the best!

    1. He's starting to sound s little better, so fingers crossed!

  4. Sorry to hear about the ring sizing issue and what a shame that the USPS scheduled pickup was a bust. I've been using that a lot and as long as it's our usual post person, we do ok, but I'm always on my guard because USPS has been steadily getting less reliable over the years. I know they have issues at the highest levels on down, but it's frustrating that nothing will change no matter how bad it gets for customers. I know friends who have mail go missing every single week!

    Fingers crossed that Sam will feel well very soon!

    I'm organizing my week today after having a meeting I almost forgot about this morning :)

    1. USPS is driving me bananas. Seriously, just not competent at all, and no one has gotten back to me. Meanwhile, I have a buyer who is irritated (and, who wouldn't be), so I'm going to be out a bunch of money while I wait for the post office to figure it out.

      I have weeks like that - hope you get all organized & ready to go!

  5. Sorry about your frustration with packages. I feel your pain.