Monday, September 9, 2019

Weekly Spending

I don't do this regularly, but thought it might be interesting to share my weekly spending - both for you, and for me to be more aware of our spending. I won't track fixed bills (mortgage, utilities, etc) but food, travel, etc.


  • It was a 3 day weekend in the US, so the kids were out of school. Nick was asked to go bowling with a friend. They've paid a few times & accepted no money, so I sent him with $20 to buy treats to share for everyone. He also made them cookies. - $20


  • My parents are going to stay with us for a week in November. M & I are thinking of taking a long weekend, and the boys are out of school. I paid for their flights using frequent flier miles, and the tax was $22.40. -  $22.40
  • We have a cell phone holder for the car that allows you to see the navigation while driving. I have really liked it, and often take the kids to activities where I need navigation. It broke, & our repairs failed, so we ordered a new one. Amazon, - $18.99.

Wednesday - no spend day. We were all working, & the kids had after school activities to keep them busy.

Thursday - no spend day. We were all working, & the kids had after school activities to keep them busy.

Friday - no spend day. We carpooled for soccer practice, and then had dinner & a cocktail at home. M & I sat on the patio while the kids played together. It was a nice way to close out the work week.

Saturday -

  • $8.42 - ingredients for pico de gallo + 2 bunches of radishes, green onions & a large head of cauliflower at the produce stand.
  • Costco, groceries for the week - $84.36
  • Costco gas - $42.92
  • M & Nick got haircuts - $20
  • Medicine at Rite Aid - $.16 (I guess insurance covers the rest, which is fantastic)
  • A book for Nick's Spanish class (I used swagbucks + ordered a used copy) - $6.99

Sunday -
  • $4.35 - produce stand again, because I used too many tomatoes in the pico de gallo, & M also wanted more limes. 12 limes + 3 lbs of tomatoes.
  • Gave Nick $20, as a friend invited him to a rock climbing session. That was the fee + he had to buy a chalk bag? No idea. They were going to go out for lunch, but I convinced them to come home instead & I whipped together a quick lunch for him before soccer.
  • Trader Joes for yogurt for a chicken marinade - $3.99
Total spend for the week = $252.58. Overall, I feel good about the week. We had several no spend days, spent zero on eating out, and mostly stuck to essentials. How about you? Did you track your spending for the week? How did you do?


  1. Smart idea. I am going to track my spending for the week just to see how it goes. First thing out of the chute I know I need to buy toilet paper today since we are down to 2 rolls. How did that happen?

    1. It always sneaks up on you, doesn't it? I like to track occasionally because it's super useful for me to ensure we're spending like I hope/expect

  2. I have to laugh because I always compare. If you multiply that by 4 you have a little over $1000.00 a month. My husbands last two paychecks before he retired were, $905.00 and $898.00 every month. We had a $1425.00 mortgage, and I wonder why we went into debt and why it is taking me so long to get out. I think you do a remarkable job with money and yet when you add it up you have so, so much more than I think the average. Or am I just clueless about how every one else lives?

    1. We definitely make a lot. That said, the cost of living here is absolutely outrageous & eye watering. So, we try to hit that happy medium of making plenty while saving enough so that I can go part time. It's a balance for sure. All of our categories minus housing are generally inline with what I would want. Housing, oh boy. That's a totally different beast.

  3. Great job on the flight tickets for you parents! You have to love frequent flyer miles. You had a great spending week.