Saturday, November 30, 2019

Long weekends are the best

The extra bonus days feel so luxurious! I'm actually on call for work today, but fingers crossed nothing goes wrong. 

To answer a question in the comments of my Frugal Friday post, here's the recipe I've used before for homemade vanilla extract. Enjoy!

We're planning to get the Christmas decorations down from the attic, and kick off the holiday season. I also want to check out a yoga class at our new gym, to see how that is. Here's the full list for today:

  1. Get decorations from the attic, put everything out.
  2. Because we'll be in the attic, we will also pull down the ski boots & make sure everything still fits
  3. Inventory the boys ski clothes
  4. Yoga class
  5. I'm hoping to bake my cardamom bread
  6. Pick up a birthday gift for Sam's friend. He's attending a party tomorrow
  7. Vacuum
  8. Clean the kitchen
  9. Clean the bathrooms
  10. Plan work & family schedule for next week
  11. Make bolognese spaghetti sauce. We'll eat Thanksgiving leftovers for dinner, but this will get us ahead on our meal prep for the work week. 
  12. I need to try on an outfit for the holiday party I'll need to attend in London (for work), to ensure I have something that works.
That's about it. What about you? What are you up to this Saturday? Anyone else decorating or baking?


  1. No rest for the weary! That is a jam packed day. I'll get what I can get done know I can putter through the week to finish everything else. I want to send the kid back with some cookies, so I have butter softening. I have some other ingredients I need to buy and I'll see how ambitious I get before the weekend is truly over.

    1. I don't always accomplish everything, but I like to list out the full set of my goals. Hope the cookies were great!

  2. That list is just for TODAY?? O_O So much to do!

    We trekked out to meet friends at the Cal Academy this gloomy and wet Saturday, and apparently everyone else in the area had the same idea because it was chaos! We had lunch there and trudged home, shivering. We're working on holiday cards this afternoon and that might be all I can handle :)

    1. Well, I usually start pretty ambitiously on Saturday, and then things slide into Sunday, which is pretty much what happened last weekend as well. I always aim high. ;-)

  3. Thanks for the recipe! Do you have a good place to buy the vanilla beans? They are so expensive.

    1. Gosh, aren't they ever. I happened to have some leftover from a previous recipe. We got ours at Costco a while back, when they were a bit cheaper. Now that I'm out of beans, I suppose I'll really have to price compare for the next batch.