Sunday, November 24, 2019

Menu planning & other Sunday actvities

We attempted to get (almost) all of our groceries yesterday, but we still have a few things we'll need to pick up on Wednesday (drat), so they will be fresh.

It was a nice day yesterday, with no soccer commitments. I got our passport photo applications completed for the kids, listed a couple of items on eBay, and caught up on bills & budgeting. I also made a more detailed menu plan for the week. I took the kids to the gym, and then we finished up by making homemade pepperoni pizzas. Yum!

Friday - we had leftover lasagna & salad
Saturday - cauliflower crust pepperoni pizza (adults) + naan pepperoni pizzas
Sunday - I'm making cauliflower/potato/chicken curry
Monday - tacos, pico de gallo & guacamole. I've made the pico, & need to make the guac.
Tuesday - leftover curry
Wednesday - leftover curry or tacos, depending on what's available
Thursday - we're having an nontraditional meal of steak, mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts & green beans. I will miss the stuffing, but no one will eat it, so c'est la vie.
Friday - TBD

And, here's what's on the schedule for today:

  1. Plan out work/kid schedule for the week. 
  2. Vacuum
  3. Laundry
  4. Take the kids to the Y
  5. Have Sam meet up with dog walker (he's lined up a dog walking job for next week)
  6. Both boys to study & review math
  7. Costco (we are missing a couple of items from yesterday)
  8. 2020 travel plans
  9. Journal
  10. Make curry for dinner

What about you? How are you planning to spend your Sunday?


  1. Maybe the deli would have stuffing that you can add a side for yourself. It is my favorite part of the TG meal, along with leftover turkey and cranberry sauce sandwiches. I'm sure I'll make a curry next weekend, and send some back with my daughter.

  2. Your menus sound delicious. I made tacos for dinner today as my dad is still in town and requested them. He loves them and said he wanted 20, but could only eat 6. lol

  3. I was driven home and slept and it was wonderful.