Sunday, November 3, 2019

Menu planning, & other Sunday things

Today is a day where I had the opportunity to sleep in, but sadly have been up since 3, as my back was hurting. I struggle with my lower back really hurting me when I sleep at night. My body needs more sleep, so hopefully I will get a chance to nap and get to bed early tonight.

I got a few chores done around the house yesterday, went for a run (so hard, after time off) & took the kids to a soccer game. They tied the best team in our league, unexpectedly, so it was a great game to watch.

I'm also doing menu planning, as my parents arrive on Friday. Here's what's on our menu for the upcoming week or so:

  • Friday - we had fridge leftovers. It was thrilling ;-)
  • Saturday - M made steak & brussel sprouts. We bought a pack at Costco, and the kids ate so much steak that M & I had to share one. Wow. Guess they are really teens now!
  • Sunday - I'm making pizza. We have a cauliflower crust for the adults, and Nick made pizza dough for the boys.
  • Monday - it was supposed to be leftover steak, but that ship has sailed. ;-) We will be having sausages/hot dogs with soup. The boys will have a carb of some kind with that. 
  • Tuesday - leftover pizza
  • Wednesday - spaghetti (zoodles) & meatballs
  • Thursday - oven baked chicken & cauliflower rice
  • Friday - my parents arrive, so we will have tacos, guacamole, empanadas & chips
  • Saturday - my mom & I are going to dinner to celebrate her birthday. M will make grilled chicken & serve it with gnocchi I bought at Costco last week.
  • Sunday - M will make kebabs & rice
I have a ton of paperwork/planning kind of chores for today. Here's what's in store:

  1. Work out
  2. Yoga. I'm hoping it will help my back
  3. Plan Thanksgiving menu
  4. Clean house
  5. Laundry
  6. Take Sam to soccer game
  7. Have boys review all homework
  8. Find Sam's health form for field trip
  9. Review work calendar, make updates
  10. Email nanny with schedule for the week
  11. Draft plan of ski week trip
  12. Call & book hotel for January work trip
  13. Finalize Hawaii trip plan
  14. Clean the spare room for my parents visit
  15. Wrap gifts & make a card for my mom
That's it for us. What about you? What's on your agenda for today?


  1. I'm sorry about your back and your sleep cycle. I know how hard it is to feel at your best with the pain and exhaustion but you sure keep going anyway. I look forward to posts when your parents visit-they seem like a lovely support system, and a joy t have as guests.

    1. I wish I had a good solution on my back, because sleep is so important, and unless I take a Tylenol PM before bed, I wake up around 2 or so, and can't sleep because of back pain. I need to go see someone else & understand if there are any options.

      And yes, my parents are so fun & such great grandparents. They really are fantastic house guests.

  2. My back needs sleep to heal and not hurt so much. The nights I do not get enough sleep, my back hurts more. Good luck on getting sleep.

    1. Thanks! Likewise, I hope you are feeling good as well.

  3. Ah I do remember the preteen - early college days when my guys were bottomless pits. My only advice is to cook a lot of filler foods. Rice, quinoa, couscous and potatoes were my best allies in the battle to keep costs reasonable while keeping growing guys full.

    1. It's crazy how much they can eat, right? I always plan carbs for them, but even so, we are eating higher protein, and they see those options & want them as well. ;-)

  4. It is amazing how much boys can eat. When mine were at home and I worked, I had to put a red dot on anything that I didn't want them to eat. Once I came home to the ground meat gone because they were hungry after school. I was going to make it for dinner. Hence, we went to the red dot system.