Friday, July 10, 2020

Frugal Friday

*I'm still not able to reply to comments on other blogs, or sometimes on my own. My apologies. Still working on it. If anyone has a fix to share, please do! In the meantime, know that I'm still reading!*

Another week where we attempted to be frugal. We are in the midst of a bunch of house projects, including a major kitchen update that will see us without a functioning kitchen for weeks. So, it doesn't feel very frugal these days. Here's what we've done so far.

Saving on things we buy
  • On the drive home, we stopped at a Subway in Oregon. They ran out of turkey, and the order ahead of us ordered 20 sandwiches (!!). We waited A LONG time, which was unfortunate, given we were in the midst of a road trip. They gave us $10 off of our order, which was awesome. 
Earning money
  • Sold four items on eBay & listed another 40+!
  • Sold an old bike for $225. Now is the time to sell old bikes. The demand is crazy, as bike shops can't get  much inventory due to COVID, and people are trying to find safe exercise options.
Avoiding spending:
  • Brought two coolers full of leftovers home from our vacation house. Also sent items home with my parents/sister. We bought close to the right amount, but try to leave nothing there, so there's always leftover produce, and a few other items in the fridge/freezer. We've eaten a lot so far from the cooler:
    • 4th of July hot dogs & burgers + buns
    • Potato salad
    • Sliced cheese leftover from happy hour
    • I sliced overly ripe & slightly sad apples & pears & froze them for smoothies
    • A bagged salad that's almost at the end of it's life
    • Sliced sandwich bread (we never buy this, so the kids are jazzed)
    • Items leftover from the "road trip snack bag", which the kids have been grazing on
  • Used grocery store gift card (earned from Home Depot gift card deal) to buy two bags of spinach for $0 OOP.
  • Our garden has just stared producing, so we've been picking tomatoes & strawberries. So far, not much of each, but we've also gotten one large zucchini & a few small cucumbers. 
I'm getting ready to prep a "no kitchen menu" for the upcoming weeks, when our kitchen is being demolished & rebuilt. Should be interesting! I bought an InstaPot & toaster oven, as I figure it's cheaper than several delivery meals for 4. I can always resell them after the remodel, if we aren't using them.

What about you? Any frugal wins to report?


  1. Very nice of Subway to give you $10 off your order. I've noticed on my own blog when I go to respond to a comment someone has left that I have to wait for the page to finish loading before I can click on the reply button. That was not the case before and I hope they fix it soon. :)

  2. Just eating out of the garden, that is as frugal as I get.

  3. I have tried SO MANY times to comment on your blog. It has never worked but I’m trying again now. I was worried that you banned me from commenting