Sunday, July 19, 2020


Appreciate all of the comments from yesterday. If you "knew" me in real life, you'd know that conflict is one of my least favorite things, and the world has too much conflict right now. On to other topics!

The weekend is going by really quickly, and there is a long work week ahead. A few weeks ago, our company planned for no meetings week, to give people a chance to catch up on larger, thinking, strategic projects. The no meetings weeks were fantastic, but now that's over, my calendar is jammed full of meetings. I will try to prep most of dinner ahead of time, so once the meetings wrap, it will be a quick effort to get dinner on the table.

We did end up getting takeout twice yesterday (so, 19/21 meals eaten at home for the week). We had no water, in addition to no kitchen, which took the wind out of my sails a bit. For the dinner portion, we ordered Chinese food, with plenty of leftovers to see us through at least 1-2 additional meals this week. They will be much appreciated, given the no kitchen.

Here's what's on the agenda for today:

  • A run, before it gets too warm
  • Grocery shopping for the week ahead
  • Reconcile the remodel budget 
  • Clean the bathrooms
  • List an item on eBay
  • Journal
  • Call my parents
  • Laundry (I'm behind, after no water day yesterday)
  • Finish the menu plan for the week
  • Prune the zucchini plant

Here's what's on the menu for the week:
  • Friday - We had pizza & salad
  • Saturday - Chinese food takeout
  • Sunday - Chicken piccata (freezer) for the adults, tacos for the kids + caprese salad, using basil & tomatoes from the garden
  • Monday - Carnitas (freezer). Hopefully I can crisp them in the toaster oven
  • Tuesday - Meatballs & pasta (or, cauliflower rice)
  • Wednesday - Chicken (freezer)
  • Thursday - We'll have burgers (freezer)
The good news is that the freezer should be quite cleaned out after this! :-) What about you? What are you having for dinner this week?


  1. I still want to express how in awe I am for how well you planned for so many freezer meals for the kitchen project. A week with no meetings sound so incredible! I won't have that unless I take a week of vacation! We may take a week in September.

    1. It was glorious while it lasted (no meetings week), but reality is definitely packed as a result. ;-)

  2. Having no water is the perfect reason to eat out. I would have done the same thing. I am making spaghetti today using this sauce from Italy that I bought on Amazon. The reviews were really good. I am also hoping to make some cheese enchiladas, which is all I have planned for right now.

    1. Ooh, that sounds fabulous. Please do share your enchilada recipe, if you haven't yet. I love enchiladas!

  3. I am happy you are feeling better about things. It is good not to dwell on the ignorant. It is like playing chess with a pigeon, it knocks over the pieces, craps on the board and then struts around like it has won.

    1. Definitely feeling better. The other person apologized, which feels so unusual to see these days & was very thoughtful.

  4. I am planning a meat loaf, mashed potatoes and salad (from our own Romaine) dinner tonight, but we shall see if it transpires. DD and Girl work afternoons on various days next week, so dinners will consist of something easy for them to heat up. Weather is typical PNW, mid to high 70's during the day, cooling to high 50's around 9 p.m. By dinnertime, it's cool enough to cook comfortably. It's just still so light, that I don't feel like eating much.

    1. I'm envious of your homegrown lettuce. I've always struggled with bug infestations & haven't had much success with lettuce. Weather sounds great! We are at high 70s for the next week, which is definitely my preferred temperature for the summer.

  5. Congrats on making it through thus far with no major hiccups. I think warming leftovers and takeout are the best options for surviving a kitchen remodel, so I am impressed with your foresight!

    1. I'm looking it as a (forced) opportunity to really do that freezer cleanout I've had on my goals list for pretty much ever. ;-)