Sunday, July 12, 2020

Lots of things

Our kitchen is half demolitioned, which means we have bits & pieces spread throughout our house. We are getting creative & trying to make meals "at home", even though that definition has changed quite a bit.

Menu plan:
Friday - M made kebabs & rice, as our final (for the next month or so) kitchen/bbq meal
Saturday - I prepped taco meat ahead on Friday, and reheated it in the microwave, so tacos it was
Sunday - some sort of crockpot chicken dish. Still TBD
Monday - leftover kebabs & rice
Tuesday - tacos
Wednesday - leftover crockpot dish
Thursday - any remaining leftovers
Friday - pizzas in the toaster oven

We're going to do our best to minimize meals out, both from an expenses perspective, as well as a health one. It's also hard to find meals that meat the various diner requirements.

Yesterday was spent inside, in a very loud house (workers on the roof, in the kitchen, and in the backyard - we have three projects going at one, which in hindsight, was a giant error when it's Coronavirus & there's no place to go outside of our house). I focused on being moderately productive: laundry, setting up the "new temporary kitchen", listing a bunch on eBay & reading my book.

I have a really busy work week ahead of me, and judging by my calendar, I can already tell it's going to be a struggle to fit things in.

All of that said, I read news about a "blogger friend" this morning, & I'm just so sad. I know we've never met, but I feel like I know you, have an insight into your life (or, the parts you chose to share)  & your family & have enjoyed your voice so much over the past years. Sending you all of my good wishes, thoughts & positive vibes during this difficult time. You mean a lot to many of us, even though we don't officially know each other. Big hugs.


  1. No doubt your creativity and family team work will help you with meal planning. I imagine the crock pot will be your friend. I think all of us feel like we have gotten to know each other through our shared reading of blog posts and comments. I am heart sick for her and her family-her husband and her mom she writes so sweetly about. We just can't take our lives for granted can we? Good wishes on your renovations as you create the home of your families dreams.

  2. I'm so sad for her too. My heart goes out to her. I wish you much luck with workers at your home. I don't like the noise either. They were here on Mother's Day cutting down trees and working on the roof. Ugh. :(

  3. Thank you my friend, I am preparing to fight

  4. I agree with Sam.... all hail the crockpot. So many great recipes out there to supplement the BBQ time.

    There is a great deal of connectivity in the blogosphere and the ways we are so close, yet have never met.

  5. I was just scrolling through Pioneer and there was a section of amazing sheetpan meals. Everything on one pan, wondering if your toaster oven could work, smaller amt. or do you have two shelves/trays?