Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Final hurrah of April - goal check in

 I'm trying to stay focused on what I still need to accomplish before the end of the month, particularly as I leave for Sedona on Sunday for a hiking trip with my mom.


  • Pay federal & State taxes - done
  • Sort out cash flow & remaining 2024 budget, post severance numbers - I still don't have my complete severance numbers, but have an estimate. And, now I have college numbers, which is helpful.
  • Earn $300 in side hustle - $1261/300, helped by our Costco rebate, a settlement check & 11 eBay/FB Marketplace sales.
  • Monthly freezer/pantry challenge: use up fish sticks, rotisserie chicken & pulled pork. - used up the pulled pork, the rotisserie chicken, a bag of pizza rolls, the shrimp scampi, 1/2 a bag of cranberries & the last can of green beans. The fish sticks remain, but definitely considering the progress a win. 
  • Last college tour + confirm decision & begin college admission work - college selection is done, deposit is paid, first housing form is filled out. Still a ton to do!
  • Help Nick with college tasks - we've made some progress
  • Both boys - AP test prep - both boys are working on this, but lots of studying ahead
  • Have a great & on budget spring break trip - done & done!
  • Continue to plan Costa Rica trip for the fall - now that we know when parents weekend is for Sam's college, we know which dates to avoid for our anniversary trip. I've reached out to the concierge for the Hyatt to see if our proposed dates work. Once she confirms that, I'll work on flights. 
  • One fun activity with the boys - skiing, dinners out & road trip to Tahoe :-) 
  • 10 stretching workouts - 6/10
  • Lose 3 lbs - 0/3, although continuing to be more toned & in better shape. I'm hoping my calories will be a bit more under control, now that the college decision is behind us & the stress is a bit less. I also lost 5 lbs last month. 
  • 12 strength training workouts - 8/12
  • Run 60 miles - x/60 miles - 44/60
  • Follow the No S diet - I've been okay with this, but definitely more snacking than I'd like
  • Get together with friends -yep, I've met up with friends for coffee, hikes, walks, etc.
  • Practice Farsi 20 times - 18/20
  • Declutter 100 items from the house - 29/100. April has been a month of selling things vs giving away, which means much smaller numbers. The house decluttering is in very good shape, which means I just don't have the bigger numbers. I suppose that's a good problem to have!
  • Meditate daily - I missed a couple of days while traveling, but otherwise yes
  • Complete the Science of Well Being course - just have my final project left, but I'm very close
  • 30 minutes of fiction writing - haven't started
  • Work on volunteer soccer project - kicked off some work, but need to shift this into high gear
What about you? How are you doing with your goals for the month?

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  1. You are doing fantastic and making so much progress!