Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Spring break skiing

 We've had an absolutely fabulous time on our spring break ski trip. 

The drive to Tahoe was very easy on Tuesday. We got here, unpacked & went to dinner at a pub across the street. They have my favorite potato & cabbage soup - yum!

On Monday, we skied at Heavenly, and it was an absolutely gorgeous day. The resort had about 1/3 of the lifts open, and there was definitely some exposure on the runs, but no lines made it one of my favorite ski days ever. We got back to the hotel, cleaned up & went to an Italian restaurant, which we all loved. The boys met up with a friend to go to the arcade & get ice cream, while M & I had a glass of wine & chatted. 

Tuesday we drove to Kirkwood, as we heard they had more runs open. The entire mountain was pretty much running, which was awesome. We also brought Nick's friend with us, as he skis similar runs to him, and they had a fabulous time together. It was so warm that I skied in a long sleeved t-shirt & no gloves. I've definitely never done that before! I forgot to put sunblock on my hands (since I'm normally wearing gloves) & the tops of my hands burnt. Drat. I skied a moderate blue chair most of the day, and it was absolutely the most peaceful and fabulous ski days I've ever had. Yes, conditions at the end of the day were a bit slushy, but I would totally take that tradeoff for a day with no lines & stunning weather.

We're likely skiing a half day at Heavenly today, and then will head home. I'm so glad we opted for this trip!

And, a picture of the very minimal ski wear ;-) 


  1. Fantastic! Cindy in the South

  2. Nice post to read. Your smile is wonderful! I'm glad your spring break trip is successful.

  3. That's great, other than the sunburned hands. I'm so glad you had a great time.

  4. Look at you! So glad y’all are having a blast! Sounds like a much-needed getaway. I have never been skiing before, but I have heard that sunburn is a very real thing in those conditions. Hope your hands heal up quickly!

  5. So glad that you had a wonderful time.

    God bless.

  6. I know the ski trip was fun. Late season skiing can be a blast.