Thursday, February 23, 2012

The goal that's not on track

I'm (in general) a pretty motivated person, use my goals and progress to motivate myself regularly, but for whatever reason, I'm in a FUNK. A weight loss funk, to be specific. Over the past week and a half or so, I've had a bad cold/flu, and haven't been able to work out as much as usual. When I work out, I'm motivated to eat well. When I'm home from work sick, propped on the couch watching CSI. . . .well, sometimes I'm eating Cheetos & Oreos.

Yikes. It's embarrassing to admit. Anyway, now that it's out in the open that I'm sure I won't be losing any weight this month, despite the fact that I'm running a lot (last week notwithstanding since I was sick), I'm obviously eating too much.

How do you get yourself back on track? I'd love your motivation, even if it's not around health & fitness goals. Being sick has sapped my energy, & it's hard for me to care about much at all right now, but my jeans are getting tighter & it's time to nip this in the bud!

And, we had to cancel a vacation to the beach for this week, which made me super sad. M's work schedule changed, & it just wasn't possible. So, I'm not here, enjoying the sunset & drinking wine on the deck.

Maybe I should post what I'm eating for a few days, to shame me into eating well again? :-)

And, question for any of you gardeners . . . is it time to start thinking about planting? I'm going to focus on two plants this year - tomatoes & cucumbers. I want to go big with both. I'm in the pacific northwest, & would love any recommendations around planting times.

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