Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekly Spending Wrap Up (2/6/12-2/12/12)

Wow, what a spendy week! Most of it was planned (it was my birthday, so we had a few things we knew we would be spending on), but my car unexpectedly needed a new battery, we had an extremely expensive trip to the dry cleaners (M wears suits for work), & we had a one time expensive house cleaning visit.

M & I were planning on skiing together on Friday for my birthday, but it was raining at the mountain, so we had lunch together, & then I did a bit of shopping, & got a pedicure. I received $100 as a birthday gift, so I'll be using that to offset some of my shopping. I also might return a few things once I see how they match up with what I already have. My shopping goal for the year is $500, so I want to be sure that I *love* everything that I get!

Here's what we spent:

  • Monday, 2/6
    • No spend day
  • Tuesday, 2/7
    • $87.49 - Costco for groceries
  • Wednesday, 2/8
    • $7.09 - Fred Meyer for mouthwash
    • $275 - cleaners. We switched house cleaners, and they require a one time deep clean before they start billing monthly. Yikes! I will say, our house is crazy clean right now. ;-) This includes the deep clean & one week of normal cleaning.
  • Thursday, 2/9
    • No spend day
  • Friday, 2/10
    • $54.72 - lunch out
    • $30 - pedicure + tip
    • $66.14 - a few sweaters, silver flats, a pair of pants, & tights from The Loft
    • $120.42 - My favorite sweaters were on sale at Jcrew, so I picked up two & also got a top.
    • $125.82 - two dresses at The Gap
    • $39.74 - dry cleaners
    • $99.99 - a new blow dryer. (My gift from M.) It dries my hair in 1/3 of the time I normally spend, so it's a huge morning time saver. LOVE it!
    • $169.71 - new battery for my car.
  • Saturday, 2/11
    • $10 - massage tip (on a gift card), after I used a free promotional card for the massage
    • $150 - estimated dinner out to celebrate birthday/Valentine's Day. I didn't sign the check, and it hasn't posted to the credit card yet.
  • Sunday, 2/12
    • $47 - two ski passes
    • $1.04 - prints at Rite Aid for my Valentine's gift for M. I printed out family ski pictures & framed them, replacing a collage that had pictures of us skiing together ten years ago. Talk about progress. He's going to love it!
    • $15 - lunch at the ski lodge. Didn't wake up early enough to pack a lunch for the kdis, after our date night, at it was silly expensive.
    • $11.97 - gas
    • $26.84 - some sort of spray for the yard that I didn't quite catch, per M's request.
    • $58.30 - groceries at Costco.
    • $1.95 - strawberries at Fred Meyer, per the request of my little guy, who was shopping with me.
    • $175.46 - gifts for my oldest son's birthday. I'll be getting reimbursed for most of this, as I picked up gifts from my mom & grandmother.
Total spend for the week = $1563.68! After subtracting the cash for my gift & the money I'll be getting back from the birthday gifts I picked up, total spend was $1353.68. We are also expecting the upcoming week to be relatively expensive, as we have my son's birthday party, family visiting, and a few other smaller things planned..

How did your week go? Did you spend more or less than planned?

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