Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February Goal Wrap Up

The month is almost over - can you believe it?! Here's how I did on my goals for the month of February. Overall, I'm very pleased. :-) It's a short month, but I feel like I accomplished quite a bit.

These were my goals for February! (If you're interested in how these map to my 2012 goals, you can read more about them here.)
  1. Lose four pounds in February, bringing me to 144 pounds. - I lost one pound, so progress was made. Ultimately, I'm having a hard time controlling my calories, because I'm working out like a crazy person. I know keeping the calories in check is important, but I'm also pleased because my clothes are fitting better & I'm in much better shape than I was a few months ago. Some days I'm STARVING after a long run, other days not so much. My calories are pretty wildly varied, & I haven't figured out how to account for that..
  2. Complete 900 minutes of cardio. It's a shorter month, so this will definitely be a challenge. - I blew this one away, & even beat my huge January number. I'm planning to work out tomorrow, so this isn't a final number, but I completed 1173 cardio minutes in February. Boom!
  3. Complete all training runs for my half marathon, and start training for my 15K in March. - Done. I fell behind for a few days when I got sick, but I rallied & I'm back on track.
  4. Spend $0 on clothes, makeup, shoes, etc for myself/kids. - I did "okay" on this one, but didn't achieve my goal. I spent $137 on clothing for myself, but $100 of that was from my birthday money, so my net spend was $37. I'm actually going to return one of the sweaters (love it, but the color doesn't look good with jeans, & I wear jeans every day pretty much to work), so I'm giving myself a pass. We had to replace two kids winter jackets this month, for a total of $76. The good news was there was no unecessary kids clothing spending, and the jackets were essential & will last until the end of next winter.
  5. Complete 10 strength workouts. - I'll be wrapping up the last workout tonight, so I'm giving this a complete!
  6. No artificial sugar in coffee/tea or other beverages. - Done!
  7. Find an "extra" $650 in the budget to purchase two tuition credits for each child. - I funded half of this, so one tuition credit for each child. That's all the budget could afford this month, with a bunch of unexpected car expenses.
  8. Track all spending, stick to budget, and prepare month end spending report. - I tracked all of the spending, & I'm almost done with our month end spending report. Overall, there were some expenses outside of our budget (car expenses, travel which is part of our yearly budget, but wasn't expected in February, etc). Very little random extraneous purchases, and I'm pleased with where we ended up. February is always a struggle for us - my birthday, my son's birthday, Valentine's Day, the kids have a week off of school, etc.
  9. Reallocate savings goals to pay for taxes. Waiting for a few final documents, but it's looking like we'll owe around $10K. *shivers* - Done. I'm taking Friday off to really commit the time to get our taxes wrapped up, and we have a plan for what we expect to owe.
  10. Have one date night with M. - Done!
  11. Get together with two friends. - Done!
  12. Create a master list of accounts/passwords to store in our safety deposit box. - This was the only goal that I didn't even attempt, so fail. I'll roll this goal over to next month.
How about you? How did your February goals come out?

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  1. I love your "boom"

    You did fantastic this month, you stayed on top of pretty much everything.