Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January Goal Wrap Up

The month is winding down, and I'm very excited by my progress in January!

  1. Lose 4 lbs in January, bringing my weight to 146. - I ate well 90% of the time this month, and achieved my fitness goals for the month. I lost a total of 1.8 pounds. However, my clothes are fitting much better. So, while not exactly what I'd hoped to see on the scale, progress was definitely made on this front.
  2. Complete 900 minutes of cardio. Wow! That feels like a lot. :-) -Done! I completed 1135 minutes of cardio. It's amazing what you can accomplish if you push yourself! 
  3. Find a training plan for my 1/2 marathon, and map out all workouts. - Completed! I've registered for two races, found a suitable training plan, and added all workouts to my calendar. Yeah!
  4. Spend $0 on clothes/shoes/makeup for myself & $0 for clothing/shoes for the kids. - Mostly. . . I spent $14.78 on an eye brow pencil when my other one broke. I did return a pair of (unworn, tags still on, of course) pair of yoga pants that I bought in December & didn't end up needing. They were $21.89, so I at least offset my spending.
  5. Complete 10 strength workouts. - I completed 11 strength workouts for the month, and can defintiely tell a difference in muscle tone.
  6. No artificial sugar in coffee or tea. Evaluate diet to see if I'm consuming other artificial sweetener. - I've completely eliminated sweetner of any kind in my coffee & tea. It's been a shock to the system, but I'm slowly adjusting ot the taste of my coffee with just milk. I also stopped drinking the flavored water at work (I used to mix with Crystal Light and/or flavored Talking Rain).
  7. Find an "extra" $650 in the budget for two tuition credits for each child. - I used $325 in Christmas money to fund one credit/child, and used the dividends from a stock to fund the other $325. Done.
  8. Track all spending, stick to budget, and complete a monthly spending report. I'd like to also do a minimum of two weekly spending reports in January to check to see if we're on track, highlight any "red" areas, and adjust our spending accordingly. - Done, done, and done! 
  9. Pay an extra $500 on our vacation mortgage, and $500 extra on our primary mortgage. - Done! I received (and subsequently sold) some employeer stock, as well as received dividends from another stock I own. I paid $1000 to our second (primary residence) mortgage, as it currently is at the highest rate.
  10. Have a date night with M. Need to look at the calendar & get this planned out. - We had a fabulous date night last Saturday, and talked to friends about potentially trading off date night sitting, which would be fabulous & frugal!
  11. Get together with two friends. - A couple of planned events got moved due to the snow, and other various last minute schedule changes, but I'm getting together with a few friends on Friday.
  12. Determine guardians for the kids, which is the part of our wills that have caused us the most consternation. It's a very difficult decision, there are no easy answers, but it's just irresponsible to avoid the decision. - This is the only one I didn't get to. I think we're honing in on an answer, but I don't consider this complete.

How did you do with your January goals?

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  1. I did pretty well. I am really worried about this month. But if I can make it through with out debt I will be so proud of myself. I used to just collapse and start my old spending habits again, telling myself it could not be done. But this time I know it can. Good for you on the goals. This kind of list makes me realize that is you can do it so can I!