Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Quick check in

I've been sick the past few days, and now I'm feeling all out of sorts. I'm still not feeling 100%, but I'm back at work today & trying to keep myself awake in my office. :-)

A few random things. . .

  • My son had his birthday this weekend, & it was a hoot! He had his party at a bowling alley, & it ended up being a lot of fun.
  • We had family in town & I got in a great run on Sunday, which I wasn't expecting. Yeah for unexpected exercise!
  • I met a couple of girlfriends for dinner on Sunday night. It's been way too long since I've gotten together with friends, so it was fantastic to catch up & chat over a glass of wine & dinner.
  • I'm doing reasonably well on all of my February goals. I'm a little behind on my strength training, but am hoping to muster up enough energy today to put in either a quick run, or a cross training workout + a strength workout.
  • We've used up all of our freezer meals! I can't believe it. Typically, we have around 10 meals in the freezer available for last minute dinners. Obviously, February has been a crazy month, because we've worked through our entire stash. It's a mixed blessing, because my freezer is now (mostly) cleaned out (still contains meat), but I'm nervous about not having a backup. Especially with not feeling well. My goal is to come up with a plan to start filling it back up.
  • We're working through a few long-term financial plan details. We currently own a vacation home (we don't rent it out), but it's getting harder & harder to make time to use it with our kids schedules. Although we love, love, love it, we're thinking that long term it might make more sense to sell it, and invest in a rental property instead. We shall see. Deep thoughts & things to consider.
What has everyone been up to lately? Would you mind sharing your top freezer meal recipes? I'd love input on top choices. I know I'm going to make spaghetti sauce with meat, chicken pastina, and almond chicken.

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  1. Hope you feel better soon! It sounds like you've been productive!