Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekly Spending Wrap Up (2/20/12-2/26/12)

I'm happy it's Sunday, because I'm exhausted! I ran 8 miles yesterday, worked out today, swam with my youngest, made 10 meals & 6 dozen muffins for the freezer, and did all of my normal household miscellany. Today, my youngest & I spent the day together while my oldest + my husband skied. It was a very nice day. I'm trying to motivate myself to get off the sofa & get dinner prepared. So far, not very motivated. :-)

Another week, and here's how we did! :-)
  • Monday
    • $85 - child care, as schools are closed but our employer is not. On a gift card.
  • Tuesday
    • $9 - lunch at Panera. On a gift card. I was at home sick, & ran out to get some soup.
    • $326 - one tuition credit for each child. I used S's birthday money (gifts from family) to fund his.
  • Wednesday
    • $76.57 - new ski coats, as one got lost & one was ripped at the seams. Spending this much makes me cringe, but both will last through the end of next winter. I did manage to get them on sale, but there were very few options this late in the winter
    • -$60.17 - returned a dress at The Gap. Trying to offset the kids ski coat purchases.
    • $583.49 - car expenses. Drat.
    • $51.61 - gas
    • $7.61 - lunch, out
  • Thursday
    • No spend day
  • Friday
    • $158.47 - Costco, groceries
    • $30.31 - Costco, household
  • Saturday
    • $31.24 - pet store, for fish food & other various fish supplies
  • Sunday
    • $12 - child care at the gym, on gift card
    • $5 - frozen yogurt, free with a coupon
    • $21.25 - I took my youngest son on a Mom/Son day, & we did a bunch of fun stuff (see above & below) :-). This was for lunch out.
    • $20 - a new pair of jeans, for me
    • $68.83 - two pair of jeans, as a gift for my sister. I'm not sure what size she's wearing, so I'll return one after she has a chance to try them on.
    • -$16.96 - returned a top to Jcrew
    • $5.45 - bought my youngest a Lego key chain.
Total spent for the week = $1303.70

The car repair 44% of our spending this week, and the two tuition credits were another 25%.

How did you do on your weekly spending?

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