Sunday, December 2, 2012

Menu Plan for the next few weeks

M is traveling a ton over the next few weeks, & December is a bit of a busy travel/event month, so I thought I would plan a bit further ahead. Hopefully that will help reduce our grocery bills, save time, & eliminate any unexpected meals out. I'm also trying to clean out the freezer, so we start out 2013 with all fresh food, no mystery frozen dishes in the freezer. ;-)

I'm also planning a freezer cooking/restocking day towards the end of the month, to make January a little bit easier.
  • Sunday, 12/2 - Spaghetti & meatballs (from the freezer)
  • Monday, 12/3 - Leftovers (likely chicken pesto pasta from Saturday night's dinner)
  • Tuesday, 12/4 - Chicken tacos
  • Wednesday, 12/5 - Chicken marsala casserole (have the base of this frozen, but would like to make some additional mushroom sauce)
  • Thursday, 12/6 - M out of town. I'll likely have a chicken taquito.
  • Friday, 12/7 - I'm taking the kids to Great Wolf Lodge, so we'll likely be eating pizza. :-)
  • Saturday, 12/8 - Fiesta chicken casserole
  • Sunday, 12/9 - Leftovers
  • Monday, 12/10 - Butternut squash, chicken, pesto pasta (freezer)
  • Tuesday, 12/11 - M out of town, so I think it will be sandwich night at the house.
  • Wednesday, 12/12 - M out of town, so tacos for me + the kids (meat from the freezer)
  • Thursday, 12/13 - M still out of town (long week :-()
  • Friday, 12/14 - Butternut squash soup + goat cheese crostini + salad
  • Saturday, 12/15 - attending nephew's birthday party.
  • Sunday, 12/16 - I'm running a race this day, so something fast & easy. Maybe chicken quesadillas.
  • Monday, 12/17 - Chicken pastina casserole
  • Tuesday, 12/18 - M out of town, the kids & I will have leftovers.
  • Wednesday, 12/19 - M out of town, we'll have chicken taquitos
  • Thursday, 12/20 - M out of town, I'm making Baked Potato Soup
  • Friday, 12/21 - Salmon for me + M, fish sticks for the kids
  • Saturday, 12/22 - Homemade pizza (cheese for kids, goat cheese + pesto for the adults)
  • Sunday, 12/23 - Freezer clean out. Inventory & eat anything still remaining :-)
  • Monday, 12/24 - Christmas Eve. I believe we're having Maggiano's.
  • Tuesday, 12/25 - Christmas dinner!
  • Wednesday, 12/26 - We will be at the beach. Likely grilled chicken + pasta.
  • Thursday, 12/27 - At the beach. Grilled burger + hot dogs for the kids.
  • Friday, 12/28 - At the beach. Leftovers, and freezer clean out there.
  • Saturday, 12/29 - Freezer stock/cooking day!
  • Sunday, 12/30 - Shrimp Pad Thai
  • Monday, 12/31 - New Year's Eve! I'm hoping to convince M to grill steaks & serve with sauteed mushrooms, mashed potatoes, & pomegranate martinis. :-) And, a flourless chocolate cake, of course!

Here's what I think I'll be prepping for the freezer:

  1. Creamy parmesan orzo
  2. Taco meat
  3. Spaghetti sauce
  4. Herbed chicken parmesan
  5. Asian Edamame Fried Rice
  6. Roasted potatoes, chicken sausage, & peppers

What are your cooking plans for December? Anyone else on a freezer cleanout, & minimal grocery plan? Freezer cooking as you look ahead to January?


  1. You like chicken!!!

    All of it sounds yummy to me. In our house, I have one child that won't eat any poultry, and one that won't eat red meat. *sigh* Someone is always unhappy.

    I am trying to figure out some meals as well. The calendar is busy and I don't want to live on junk for a month.

    1. Ha. ;-) The chicken thing is just my laziness. M grills chicken in giant batches (like two Costco packages at a time) & we freeze in small portions. We eat so much of it because it's already prepped at dinner time - I can just defrost & add it to any meal that calls for chicken. It makes dinner come together in a flash!