Sunday, December 23, 2012

Weekly Spending Roundup

I'm trying to get back into tracking our expenses weekly, as it quickly shows me when/where we get off track. Here's how we did tihs week!
  • Monday -
    • $32.38 - Rite Aid. A stock up on my night time & day time face lotion (Neutrogena), plus face wash cloths that I keep in my gym bag for after my runs.
  • Tuesday -
    • $250 - cashier's check for our HELOC, as part of the refinance. I don't understand it, but it's a fee of some sort. I *love* fees. ;-)
  • Wednesday -
    • $.95 - Gatorade at Rite Aid for a sick kiddo. I actually got a bunch of stuff (4 giant Gatorades + kids shampoos/body washes, since I had a $10 UP). This was just the tax.
    • -$160 - refund for a relay race that got cancelled.
  • Thursday -
    • $88.89 - Costco. Other than our typical weekly produce buys, the big expense here was citrus vodka for the pomegranate martinis we're bringing to Christmas. The vodka was $45.10
    • $7.76 - groceries at Fred Meyer. Picked up what I need for my appetizer for Christmas Eve, plus an extremely cheap pound of Italian chicken sausage ($1.50).
    • $14.48 - two bottles of Aveeno lotion for my son with skin allergies.
    • $.35 - two additional bottles of Aveeno (after an UP award)
  • Friday -
    • $33.04 - holiday lunch with M!
  • Saturday -
    • No spend day!
  • Sunday -
    • $23.07 at Fred Meyer. $1.18 on yeast (attempting to make my own bread. Again :-)) & $21.89 on new rain boots for S. I swear, his foot has doubled in size in the last month. His socks stopped fitting. Socks! Over night, really. He needs new shoes, rain boots & ski boots. The latter will be a big expense. At least the rain boots were on sale!
Total spend for the week = $290.92. Not too shabby, considering the bank fee. Luckily, the race cancellation credit showed up in time to offset that charge. Yeah. :-)

How did you do this week? Lots of holiday spending?

One of my favorite pictures of me + the quickly growing S, from a few years ago.


  1. Ok.... we must totally be twins, cause I too, LOVE fee's!!! :P Here I thought that I was the only one.. ;) lol!

    You had a great week overall, well done! Love the pic.. Gosh your boys are SOOOO cute, *almost* makes me want another boy. hahaha!!!

    1. You know it! It's almost as much fun as setting your money on fire. :-) Intellectually, I know the refinance is going to save us major money over the lifetime of the loan. Right now? it feels like a major time & money killer.

      Thanks! The boys are still cute now, but I miss the baby phase - chubby cheeks, soft arms, that whole baby face thing. You should totally have another boy! In all of your free time. ;-)