Sunday, December 2, 2012

The "Ho, ho, ho!" version of Sunday Night Chit Chat

Hello, all, and Happy Sunday to you! Thanks to Carla for hosting the Sunday Night Chit Chat.

Despite the torrential downpours, we had a great weekend.

My littlest guy, rocking green (his favorite color!) sunglasses, sipping on a smoothie, & enjoying the sunshine a few weeks back.

  • Reading: Not much. Blogs. I seriously need to get to the library.

  • Watching: The boys play legos. We're heading to a holiday parade shortly.

  • Listening to: My crew is trying to sing "Some Nights", by Fun. They don't exactly know all of the words, which makes it especially comical.

  • Cooking/Baking: I didn't make much this weekend. My mom was in town, & we went out to lunch on Saturday. I made a chicken pesto pasta dish with parmesan & pine nuts last night, plus artichoke dip. Tonight I revived a chicken marsala casserole that I screwed up last week & then froze until I could appropriately fix it. My fix was a success. Love that, because otherwise I would have either thrown it out, or been forced to eat it.

  • Happy you accomplished this week: I'm 95% done with all of our holiday cards, & got the house decorated yesterday. Yes!

  • Looking forward to next week: M is traveling, but I really want to get back to my running schedule & hopefully take a pilates/barre class next week.

  • Thankful for today: My mom came to visit for the weekend, which was great. We had a fun afternoon. N & I went to a gingerbread house exhibit, & had fun together.

  • *Bonus Question* You receive a clothing gift from someone who is very close to you, but you absolutely HATE it. Yet you KNOW that they're going to expect you to wear the item & "can't wait to see you in it!!!" What do you do? - Yep, every year. I get one gift from my parents each year (pajamas). I love the tradition behind it (they've been getting me pajamas every year since I was born), but *ahem*, I don't wear pajamas to bed. Ever. They make me hot & crazy. Now, my mom has great taste & buys beautiful pajamas each & every year for me. And. . . I exchange them for something like a bra that I need. :-) She would never care.

  • Oh, & once my mother-in-law (who, is also fabulous, but not from the US) sent me something that closely resembled lingerie, but was apparently a shirt. She asked for me to wear it on a date with my husband. They were visiting. It was *way* outside of my comfort zone. But, I wore it as a camisole & paired it with a very conservative sweater once we were in the car.

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    1. Love the photo of your son.. lucky little guy!

      Bahahaha! Love the story about your MIL's "shirt" gift! Too funny! I'm like you... i'd wear it under something as well.. lol!