Monday, September 28, 2015

Forty week project - week three

First up, I'm back from London. It was a very good trip. Travel wasn't as painful as a trip to Tokyo,  and the jet lag isn't as bad coming from Europe.

I headed from the airport straight to a soccer tournament. :-) Life as a mom! There was lots of soccer this weekend, & both boys had great games.

I'm now knee deep in work again, trying to get ready for my vacation, starting on Friday!!

As a gift to myself, I took Friday off. I'll be taking the boys to school, working out, getting my hair cut, getting a pedicure, & then heading to parent teacher conferences with the kiddos & finally picking my parents up at the airport. And then. . .  it's Hawaii time! I can't tell you how excited I am to have an entire week with M. It's been a wild month (two international trips - him to Dubai, me to London), plus the regular back to school times, firing our nanny, hiring a new one, & we just haven't had any time alone together. Cannot wait!!

Okay, so for my updates on my "40 week project".

  • I had some stocks vest on Friday, but I can't see them in my brokerage account yet, so I've estimated the value. I'll sell when our trading window reopens.
  • I made $47.20 on an eBay sale
  • I saved $2200 from my paycheck to cover Hawaii. I believe we've already paid for the hotel (car is included), so this will be for activities, food, & hotel tax.
  •  I have just over $90K saved, which is 60% of the way to goal. 
  • I increased my withholding earlier in the year (both federal & state) & bumped up M's withholding as well a few weeks ago. I'm hoping that we will owe less than $25K this year, which will free up more money for my "40 week savings". 

Goals for this week & next:
  1. Stay on track with the budget, particularly in Hawaii
  2. Figure out our summer travel schedule, so I can add that to my 40 week savings plan.
  3. Plan the remaining vacation until next summer, so I can a) budget for it and b) understand my vacation days. I'll likely need to cover some time off with vacation days, so I can keep my last stock vest.
More soon, but happy to be home!

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