Sunday, September 6, 2015

August Goals - How Did I Do?

I had such lofty goals for August! So, how did I do?

Goals for August:

  1. Complete 1000 minutes of cardio, 15 strength workouts, & 5 stretching workouts. I have my relay coming up, & just joined a running club, so this should be doable. - Okay, so I achieved the cardio, with 1,020 minutes, helped greatly by my relay last weekend. I did 7 strength workouts, and 1 lonely stretching. So, I'll give myself partial credit. 
  2. Commit to my running club. I've never run in a group before, & I'm a little nervous/anxious that I might embarrass myself. - Major fail. Work is just not allowing for this right now. (I know, I know.) I truly am trying to get things together at work, and have made some progress, but it's review time & planning for Q4, which is our biggest season. Honestly, I also didn't enjoy running at lunch time in the 90 degree weather. Would prefer early mornings or evenings. 
  3. Complete my relay, have fun, & relax & enjoy the experience more this year, rather than stressing about the details. - Yes! Had a great time, didn't sweat the small stuff (despite being incredibly sweaty ;-)) & enjoyed the experience. 
  4. Figure out what to get M for our anniversary. I'm thinking of experiences in Hawaii, rather than a gift, so I need to get thing planned. - Mostly planned, but am also thinking of a road bike, so need to get that sorted.
  5. Stay on track with our budget. - Nope. Over by $353. 
  6. Put more thought into our plans for our Seattle house (selling, keeping), plus our long term plan here (renting, buying, etc) - I don't know that we made much progress on this. It's a *long* conversation & planning process. We've tossed around ideas, but haven't come to any decisions.
  7. Menu plan. For reals. For the entire month. - Yes, but when I went out of town, M was a little liberal with the plans. ;-) 
  8. Plan a fun activity for Labor Day weekend. - I have a few things up my sleeve!
  9. Figure out work & personal travel through the end of 2015. - Yes! Booked our holiday tickets this week & got a great deal!
  10. Start planning our 2016 budget, including tweaks to our categories, budget amounts, etc. - Yes, about 75% of the way there!
  11. Call to see if we can reduce our car insurance. - Yes, & I saved $836 for the year!!!!! Big win of the month!!
  12. FIND A NANNY!! School starts in 2 1/2 weeks, & I'm starting to panic.  - Yes! :-) 
  13. Seriously get more balanced in the work/life balance equation. It's pretty bad right now. Some goals I'm thinking of related to that:
    1. One night (or less) a week with evening calls. It's super hard to come home, make dinner, squeeze in family time, dreading the knowledge that I have to put in another couple of hours starting at 8:30 pm. - I think I'm mostly there with the one night/week or less.
    2. Amp up my recruiting efforts. I'm already spending 15 hours/week on this, but i have 3 people manager roles to fill, and once I fill them, my life will be MUCH easier, my evening/morning calls will be reduced, & I can travel less.- Have one offer out for my London based role. 
    3. Minimize travel to only urgent/super important tasks. - Gave a flat out "no" to a strong arm request to go to Bangkok (helped greatly by the fact that it conflicted with M's trip, & have re-assigned two other trips (India & Taipei) to my teams. Still left with London (but, shortening), China, & Brazil. Going to try & keep all of the trips shorter than originally planned. So, progress? 
    4. Work out 5 days/week. This requires getting up earlier, making time for my afternoon runs, etc. I must prioritize my health! - *cough*. No. Fail
So, as with most months for me, it was a mixed bag. Some wins, some not so good areas. But, those are opportunities for September, right? :-) How did you do on your August goals? Do you have any goals that you are carrying over to September?


  1. Reading through this list, I know there are some "red" boxes but over all you did great with your August goals. Very, very well done!

    1. Thanks! I don't know that I've ever had a month of all "greens". If I did, I was probably setting the bar too low. ;-)

  2. Wish I knew what your London based role was, and if I could fulfill it! I'd love to take that off your hands. Seriously, you are doing great. I read back to your early blog days to get to know your story. You have so much going on, but seem to be so level headed-planning and goal setting, but not beating yourself up when something isn't as planned. I will enjoy continuing to read your blog and best of luck with all.