Tuesday, September 8, 2015

What did we spend this week? (9/1-9/7/15)

I'm trying to get back into a better routine on our tracking. It helps me stay a bit more in check. ;-) Here's what we spend over the past week:


  • $100, cash for my sister's birthday. We normally don't exchange gifts, but someone smashed in all of the windows on her car while we were out our relay last weekend, & she had to cancel a planned birthday trip to afford the replacement cost. Just wanted to help her out a little.
  • $2.74 - postage to mail my sister her card, a project N made for her and returning a shirt that accidentally came home with me last weekend


  • $32 - fingerprinting for the boys school. I have to get fingerprinted to be able to volunteer
  • $20 - lunch money for N
  • $303.20 - four tickets to Portland for Christmas. The flights were really inexpensive, and I used a credit in my Alaska Air account to offset the rest of the cost
  • $18.91 - replaced a soccer ball. At a game last weekend, S kicked a friend's ball & it went over a fence & down into a ravine. The game finished after dark & we couldn't find it & the field was 30 miles from our house. 
  • $13.99 - a new fitted sheet for N's bed. His Ikea sheet is off of his bed every morning when he wakes up, as the elastic is wrecked.
  • $2747.87 - final payment for our Hawaii hotel for our anniversary in October

  • -$115.38 - reimbursement from my dependent care account. Still getting reimbursed for summer camp, as I didn't have enough money in my FSA account in June. 

  • $360 - payment for the nanny for one week

  • $63 - water payment
  • $183.50 - three months of N's after school art class
  • $30 - cash for N, as he went to a water park with a friend. I sent money to cover food, etc.

  • $60 - bought two, one-hour massage credits at work. I'll add a tip when the time gets closer
  • $500 - donation to the boys school
  • -$87.50 - returned a pair of shoes. Ordered two sizes online & returned the ones that didn't fit.
  • $33.97 - two bras at Target
  • $30.32 - two birthday gifts for parties the boys are going to

  • $250 - bike tour in Hawaii
  • $14.95 - urbansitter. Forgot to cancel, & forgot that I had an account while I was looking for a nanny. Canceled this morning, but they won't reimburse me. #stupidtax

We didn't even buy groceries this week, and our spending was insanely high. Total spend = $4561.57, with the majority being planned travel & then a donation. Super eye opening for me to track. I need to start doing this consistently. 

Travel/trips = 72% of the spend for the week. ;-) 

What about you? Do you track your weekly spending? Does it help you stay on track?


  1. I am not tracking spending right now, but I keep saying I'm going to start again...

    1. I do it sporadically, but I'm always surprised by the results when I do!