Friday, September 4, 2015

Fun & frugal weekend plans

I'm looking forward to a long weekend with the boys! A LONG weekend!!! Ahhhh, yes. A bonus day!

I finished a first draft of a huge project at work, and feel pretty great about my progress. I didn't get a chance to go the gym, but a small price to pay for not having to worry about it over the weekend.

As for the rest of the weekend, here's what's on the agenda:

  • A few workouts - the boys want to practice their 5K time 
  • Yoga - at least once!
  • Laundry. I know, I'm a thrill a minute ;-)
  • We're heading to an outdoor movie event/potluck at a friend's house tomorrow. I'm planning to bring fresh fruit salad & something else. Maybe a pasta dish. Haven't quite decided yet. 
  • Clean out the fridge
  • A trip to the library
  • Catching up on my budget
  • Work in the garden, get it ready for fall, & use/freeze all of the fresh fruit & vegetables
  • I'm NOT planning to go to the store. If I can skip a week, maybe we will get caught up on our grocery spending! That would be amazing

I started the evening off right by making a "clean out the fridge" dinner. The boys had two leftover hot dogs & pasta, while I took a giant zucchini & sauteed it with leftover sausage. I added eggs, cheese, salt & pepper. It was fantastic, & frugal. ;-) 

Hope you have fun & frugal weekend plans.


  1. Every weekend in my house involves laundry. Fun stuff! Happy 3 day weekend! We totally deserve it!!!

    1. Don't we ever! :-) And yes, the laundry never stops with the kids & the practice outfits, and the soccer uniforms, my workout clothes, M's workout clothes. I'm glad we're all healthy & active, but we sure pay the price with the laundry! :-)