Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday updates

First, can I just say how happy I am that it's the Friday before a three day weekend? (US friends, anyway :-)). I'm thrilled! I love this bonus weekend, as it comes on the heels of the holiday, but right when you're struggling to get back into the groove at work.

We have a nice weekend lined up - two indoor soccer games, an indoor soccer practice, a trip to see Star Wars with the boys friends & their moms, and then Sam will have a sleepover with a buddy. Not to much, but enough activity to keep the wigglies at bay on a rainy weekend.

I'd also like to have time to do some baking, and get ahead of my life a bit. I may be needing to either move up my Japan trip, or add another one in a couple of weeks (of course - why did I curse myself by thinking my first trip could wait until February)?

I'm slowly working through some of my January goals, and doing well so far. It's a long slow road on the fitness front!

More this weekend, but TGIF!! How are you planning to spend the weekend? 

1 comment:

  1. We have no plans. It is not a three day weekend for my husband, so a normal weekend really other than kids being off on Monday. I will working the entire weekend and maybe catching up on laundry. Typical weekend!